Angel Academy

Katie is a girl who attends Angel Academy.She is the only girl in her entire school who can properlly weild a sword and She has three guys falling for her, herr BFF Seth, a boy who attends Satans school called Zachary Bra and her new sword fighting instructor who is only 2 years older than her. I wonder what happens next?

Hi! I’m Katherine Eagle and I’m an average 15 year old like you, or maybe I’m younger than you... but that’s beside the point! I live a normal life like any other teenager, I have friends, enemies and I go to a school just like you! What isn’t normal about my life is that my friends are very few and are mostly animals, my enemies are the kids who go the devil school which can be located right across the street from my house and the school I go to, well, it trains young angels who have yet to earn their wings. You may be thinking did she say angels? Is she for real? And yes. Yes I am. The story you are about to hear is how I got through school, earned my wings and dealt with my love life. So hold on tight because this is going to be one ride you will never forget!

“Crap! Crap! Crap!” I said running through the halls of Angel Academy “I’m going to be flipping late for sword training!” I yelled booking it around the hall corner that led to the gym. I burst through the doors and realized that I wasn’t late but that I was five minutes early. I sighed and leaned against the gym doors. That’s when Seth, my best friend since we were born and the most popular guy in the school threw me Cleopatra my beautiful and quite large word. “Want to spar while we wait for the teacher to show up? I heard they had to replace Mrs. Samba because she was secretly siding with Satan” Seth said walking up to me and smiling his goofy smile. Seth was 5’8 and had the curliest blondish brown hair. He was muscular and had emerald green eyes. He was what I went to school for. Today Seth was wearing jeans that were slightly ripped and a black t-shirt. “Sure!” I replied stroking my blade “And I won’t go easy on you!” I removed my sword from its sheath and lunged at Seth who made a quite an impressive block. We were at it for about 10 minutes before the new teacher came in, and boy was he something! The new teacher was quite short and looked around seventeen to eighteen years old, which was maybe 2-3 years older than me.

Pretty young for a teacher but he did look quite yummy. He had straight black hair that reached his upper back, and had fire red eyes. He was even more muscular than Seth! “Good morning class I am Devon Silver, but you will call me Mr. Silver, and I will be replacing Mrs. Samba for the time being.” He said, by then all the students in his class had arrived and were listening intently. Did I mention I was the only girl? No? Well I am and that’s only because I can use a sword. All the other girls here would rather take cooking than sword fighting but since I’m that good they let me in. I think it’s because I’m better than the principal himself! Everyone half muttered good morning to the new teacher. I leaned on Cleo for support and Seth snickered “What?” I said looking at my BFF “Nothing it’s just that this guy is so short! I don’t think he could do anything with the sword he’s carrying” I raised my eyebrow at him “Want to bet?” I said mockingly sticking out my hand “$5 and my lunch money for a week.” Seth said shaking my hand.

“You there! Girl!” Mr. Silver said “What’s your name?” I stood up straight and said “Katherine sir, Katie to my friends and Krow to the animals.” I saluted him before stepping back next to Seth. “And why are you here?” Mr. Silver asked me stepping forward. “To learn the art of the sword.” I said nonchalantly. That’s when he lunged. I blocked and he swung again. He kept attacking and I kept blocking. After around 10 minutes of this I saw an opening. I swung at his ankles causing him to lose his balance. He fell and I lunged again. He rolled to the right before jumping up and attacking me. I blocked and he attacked again. I was tired and I was getting sloppy, Mr. Silver noticed and took advantage of it. He swung at my feet. I did a back flip and landed perfectly but forgot to block and Mr. Silver knocked me down and had his sword to my neck in one blow. “Wow.” I said as he removed his blade and helped me up. “You’re the only one who has ever done that to me before.” I was still in shock. “You’re the only girl I’ve met who could knock me down and almost beat me; in fact you’re the only girl I’ve met who knows how to use a sword!” Mr. Silver said putting his blade away. “Pay attention boys! You could learn something from this girl.” I walked back to my spot next to Seth and Seth muttered “I do every day.” I gave him a look and the bell rang.

The End

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