Just an example of what I might decide to start writing about, over the whole "vampire" genre to be honest, need something original, new, fresh and different. :)

"Angel, don't do this," Kara begged, falling to her knees in pain, "Please . . . " she whispered on that last word, the moisture showing clearly in her green eyes.

Angel looked at Kara - her only family left - then back at the Revolver she had in her trembling, white hand. The wind blew wildly, making the two girls drenched hair go wild in the crazy breeze, spreading more rain on their pale faces. The rough, dark water below responded with large waves crashing against the cliff's edge, fighting back at the wind above. 

"Please . . . " Kara begged again, her voice louder this time, hoping Angel would give in and come home so they can move on with their lonely lives. 

Angel shook her head slowly, not taking her eyes off the gun for one moment. "I can't," she finally said, barely audible over the wind, "Don't make me live another day in this hell." Angel said in a dull voice, looking straight into Kara's painful eyes.

Kara shook her head viciously, not wanting to believe in her sisters motives. She slowly got up from the muddy ground, not wanting to hurry Angel into her death. Kara held her trembling hands out in front of herself, trying to steady Angel.

"I'll make the pain go away," Kara reassured her, nodding her head.

"You can't," Angel replied with a cold tone in her voice, "Only I can end this pain." She placed the gun to the side of her head, ready to end her world.

"No! No! Wait! Please!" Kara stopped in her attempt, almost falling to her knees again. "Angel! Please don't!" she shouted, sobbing.

"Why?" Angel whispered.

"Because I'm your sister! You, can't do this to your sister!" Kara screamed, with anger and sadness. 

The two sisters stared at each other for a moment that felt like hours, figuring out what the other will do next. 

Click. Angel pulled the trigger but nothing expected happened. Kara let out a cry and fell to her knees, curling her head into herself for protection from the scene in front of her shaking body. She looked up quickly, sobbing still, not believing that Angel wasn't dead right now. 

Angel looked at the gun, with the expression of disappointment. She shrugged her shoulders and pointed the gun at Kara, making her jump back from her. 

"Your turn." Angel whispered with a smug smile on her face.

With no argument,  Angel pulled the trigger, getting a different result. Without a dull click and nothing happening, this time the gun fired a loaded bullet. The bullet flew straight into Kara's beating heart, ending her life in an instant. 

"Russian roulette was your idea," Angel said as she walked up to the dead body, stopping to see Kara's lifeless face. She let out a little laugh and said, "Don't suggest something you can't follow through with." Angel bent down and grabbed the other Revolver from Kara's jacket pocket. 

She got back up and stared at Kara's face for a moment again. Angel threw the two guns off the cliff to the rough water below and blew a kiss to Kara's body.

"Sweet dreams." Angel said to her dead sister as she walked away into the dark forest.

The End

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