April had lost all hope when her brother was sent to jail but after a few years had pasted something happen to her that she would never forget. Now she will have to live with it forever. Will April be able to tell her brother about what happened to her or will her brother go back to his old ways in seeking revenge on the person that left his sister with a new life to take care of on her own?

Chapter 1

I was sleep in class, when I felt a tap on  my shoulder. Whoever it was that was tapping on me should just give up on trying to wake me up, cause right now I wasn't going to wake up for anybody and I didn't care who it was. "Angel", said the person who was trying to get me to wake up. I didn't answer. "Angel, the office just called you down for dimissal", said the person who still was trying to wake up me up. Yeah, I could still hear whoever it was that was trying to wake me up, but I was in a really deep sleep and its hard for to wake up when I'm asleep like that.

Then, I felt someone shaking me to get up. I really tired and didn't feel like getting up, so whoever it was going to have to try a little harder, than that! I usually didn't sleep that hard, but when I stay up all night long with April, who was my little girl, I get very worn out seriously. Finally, I felt something wet running down my face, and I jumped up quickly. "Angel, you have to do better then this, because sleeping in my classroom isn't doing you any good", said Mrs. Berry, who had been trying to wake me up for the past five minutes now.

"I'ma stay woke next time Mrs. B. I promise", I said streaching and yawning. "You said that last time Angel and you still can't seem to stay awake and the people in the office just called for you", she said looking down at me worried. "Ok", I said as I rubbed my eyes. "Where's everybody else"? "Sweethard they are all in the cafeteria eating their lunch, while you're up here in class sleeping. Is there any reason why you sleep in class so much"?, she said wanting to be nosey. "No ma'am. I study a lot and I have to work sometimes that's all", I said,  which was a lie.

I just hated people who wanted to know my business and asked questions about my personal life. "Well, yeah you are doing really well on tests, but not so good in your classwork", she said. "I'll do better", I said to her as I picked up my backpack off the floor. "I hope so", she said. I really didn't want to be at school in the first place, but since mama didn't have to go to work today, I had to go and plus she said she could watch April for me while I was at school, so I made it my business to go.

There was no one in the hallway when I stepped out of Mrs. B's room. Out of the whole school, I had only one friend and her name is Whitney. Whitney isn't fake or two-faced like some of the people who was at this school. I'm a quiet girl and keep to myself, but sometimes I just wish that some of the kid's would just pay attention or even say something to me for once in they life. I was thinking about dropping out at one point to raise April,  but I got to thinking that wasn't a very good example to set for her, so I'm doing this for her, even if I don't like it.

I dropped my backpack on the floor and put in my combination to open my locker. I dug through it to find my notebook I always wrote in and put my book back into my locker. My notebook was the only thing that helped me when I had emotions inside that I felt and no one else knew what I was feeling unless, it was I really felt like talking to someone, but if I didn't feel like talking my notebook was always there for me. I grabbed the notebook, closed my locker, grabbed my backpack off the floor and headed toward the office. "I hope momma brought April with her", I said to myself as I walked down the stairs. I couldn't wait until I saw her, although I was a teenage mother I really acted like was in 20's or 30's, because it was a joy to have her in my life everyday.

When I walked up to the office door, I was relieved to know that I could see April, but when I opened the door I was in shock when I was who it was that was at school to pick me up.


The End

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