Chapter 5.

"Oh dear, oh dear! My Lord ya must be freezing cold! I tol' ya
that ya shouldn't of gone out in that. I knews a storm was on
its way." Syke Andams, Head Maid, says running out into the
storm as the Lord and a mysterious other man walk up the stone
steps towards the mansion.

"No. I shouldn't of come out." Lord Drew Kronkman-Syth says,
his voice falt, emotionless.

Syke Andams eyes the young Lord in front of her oddly as she
puts a warm towel over his shoulders. No matter what mood the
Lord is in, he always has a egde to his tone of voice. Never,
never, is his voice as flat as it is now.

And, Syke notices, Lord Drews eyes are clouded over almost

She holds her tounge to the questions that seem to fly around
her head. It is not her place to speak out for she is a women.
Not even an important women, but richer than the normal peasant.
All the help in the Lords mansion are because the Lord pays
them fairly, unlike many others.

She puts the second towel over the mystry mans shoulders,
eyeing him strangly too. Trying to get a sense of what kind of
person he his and how to approach him.

She ushers them into the shelter of the mansion, taking her
Lords cloak and giving it to the doorman. She notices that the
man who had came along with the Lord doesn't have a cloak and
his shirt is ripped.

If she didn't know better she would of thought he was as poor
as any of them. But when his sword catches her old grey eyes
she knows that he mustn't be. The sword is well made, it's
detail brilliant. No peasant could afford such things.

Judging by his ripped shirt, Syke Andams would of said he was
mugged. With no shoes or cloak it seems like the best
observation but then that didn't explain his sword. If he was
mugged than surely they would of taken his sword too.

"Me and my quest are hungry. Go get food and drink. Our quest
will also need some extra clothes as his are ruined." The Lord
says, his voice empty.

Old Syke Andams bows her head and rushes off towards the

The man in the ripped shirt smiles as the late thirty year old
maid heads towards the kitchens. He has made it! Soon, he knows
that he'll become one of the richest men around these parts all
thanks to Lord Drew Kronkman-Syth, not that he can stop doing
what the stranger wills him to do.

The End

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