Chapter 2

It's dark outside, a terrible storm is coming everyone can tell, no one dares to go out into it.

Across a soaking wet field, a younge man is taking shelter at the nearby stables. He uses the stables, not to stay out of the rain, but to catch his breath. The man in his early twenties, stands there, looking out at the growing storm.

He should of bought his house, like his stable boy advised but he didn't see the need for it. He was only going across a couple of fields to see his beloved, his wife-to-be, an he saw fit to leave his noble house.

His wife-to-be, Lady Mary-Anne, is the most beutiful and rich lady in all of the small town. Whatever she asks for, she gets.

The man smiles at the thought of her being his, her being his untill death shall part them. She shall bare him children, boys strong and fit, so they can take their fathers title when he dies.

The younge man looks up at the sky, coming out of his thoughts of the future. The storm is getting worse and there is no way for man of his position is staying in a old stable like some kind of peasent.

He covers himself in his expensive cloak and heads out into the rain again, determind to return back to his estate before the storm gets worse. The mans steps are sure, full of determination, full of a purpose.

As he walks up the slippy hill, the rain starts to pick up. He watches his footing more carefully, his eyes traveling back to the ground ever couple of steps or so. It's one his sixth time looking down at the sluggy earth that he notices an man lying against a tree, getting soaked and groaning in pain.

The young man weighs out his options, seeing if it's really wise to see if the poor fellow would like his assitance, he chooses to try and help the dreanched man. The soaked mans white shirts is ripped and going see through, showing off his muscular chest and the bloody black-red marks on is back.

"Hello there. I am Lord Drew Kronkman-Syth, would you care for my assitance my dear fellow?" The young Lord walked closer to the man slumped against the tree.

The soaken man lifts his head, a small smile's placed on his blue lips.

The End

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