Relation of a brain surgeon with a 5 years old child in coma in a hospital

" Tell us Angel..."

The child shielded her hands to the eyes in a bright beam of light. She tried to see but couldn't. Only felt, felt for the first time... Waves of tranquility  covered the body and the heart beated as if it would fly out like a bird. Moves slowed down. She opened her arms  ...whirled,whirled,whirled... flied up in the air. Enjoyed...

" How is she? "

" No change "

" How many days? " 

" Same , already one week "

" Anyone calling her?"

" Not yet. Dad is in jail, arrested. She has no relative. Child Protective Service was here yesterday. They are examining the case."

" What a nice story ! Anyway... leave the file here , I ll take care of her today. Go home and take a good sleep."

" Ok see you then"

As soon as she heard the door shut, Amanda run up the stairs and reached on the double the little girl's room. She stopped at the door for a while and tidied herself up...pushed back the hair, pulled the coat right and left , held the file under armpit, and put a beautiful smile on her face as if she was a step behind the most important meeting in her life. Finally, she opened the door with a great excitement;

" Good morning Honey ! Mom's little sheep! Opps... Why didn't someone open the curtains, huh? You...sleepyhead...of course you sleep in such a darkness...

She lifted the curtains up and the sunlight brightened the room with a warm touch, then opened the windows and took a deep breath;

" What a fresh weather today Honey ! You should see... Please my baby... please... Open your eyes..."

Shel looked at that little body lying on a bed ; eyes purple, face swelled, connected to a reanimation unit but still she was very beautiful like an angel.

She came close to the bed and hold the little hand , bended towards her air and whispered;

" Open your eyes your eyes...your mom is here..."

The End

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