"Did you really think you could hide it?" The girl glared at me, hatred in her eyes.

I felt my façade crumble. I had worked hard in this school, tried to start things fresh. No smoking, no hanging out with the wrong crowd. I'd been careful to not let my tattoos show and cover the holes of my nose and eyebrow piercings with foundation. I'd kept my flirting to a minimum, hung out with guys only to an acceptable level. I'd been doing everything right.

"I know all your secrets, witch. You can't hide them behind your pretty make-up."

I flushed at the insult, knowing as I did so that I'd grown soft in the couple of months I'd spent  away from the hardships of my previous life. Still I felt the smallest tingle of happiness at her comment about my make-up. It was weird, I knew, to take pleasure in that compliment that was most certainly not meant as a compliment but I did anyway. I'd done some make-up before, but always dramatic, often choosing the dark raccoon eyes over the subtler and cuter make-up. Her saying my make-up was pretty...

"He told me, you know. Everything. I'll let them all know. All those people who think you're their friend. Then what will you do? Go back to juvie where you belong?"

I'd never been to juvie and thought of telling her that but my mind was too busy reeling at the revelation that someone had told her. A guy had told her. Only one person popped to mind at that and I felt my insides growing cold. He'd been here. Why had he come? I didn't want to know, didn't want to think about it.

The End

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