We Are

Maybe Angels and Demons do exist.

A young Sword walked down what was once a long alleyway in a grand city that is now bygone. The sun was setting but the young Sword didn't mind, there were far more worse things in the world then being alone in a warzone; after all the entire world was basically a war zone now. He continued to walk to his waypoint steady and non hesitant with each step, despite the sounds of gunfire, clinking of metal, and sounds of thunder with no rain he remained unshaken. Like his siblings at arms he wore long black cloaks with hoods accompanied by light armor underneath, the U.N saw fit to give her more veteran units such attire to prevent sand and other various particles from touching her elites. With every step the Sword took he thought about the irony humans found themselves in, it had begun only a few years ago but humanity struggles to survive, when he was a boy he thought they were just fairy tails. The idea that divine and hellish entities could exist and cause such destruction was something out of a book, something everyone could agree on, well most people anyways. We chose to look the other way and dismiss them and now they are here; angels and demons fighting it out with our realm as the warzone. But even before the War of Heaven and Hell they fought in our world, they always did. [Not Complete]

The End

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