Put to the testMature

Chapter 2

I strolled rather slowly over to Coach Rodman hands in my pockets which he hated.

“Walk with me Phillips.” Rodman instructed

“Do you mind if I get my stuff first I’ll be late for school if I don’t, and I already paid.”

“Fine but hustle.”

So I dashed over to Chavo and Justin and shot them bought what I hoped was a shot me now sort of a glance and gathered my snack. I munched the first half of my hotdog before I even got near Coach Rodman.

“So coach what is it this time?” I asked swallowing the debris of my snack

“Well.” He began as we wound down an alley “I’m now head of the sports department.”

“So how are you going to try and force me onto your football team this time?”

“You don’t like me do you?”

“I tend not to like people that make me do laps until I collapse in gym just for not showing up to football try-outs.”

“You know you better watch your tongue smartass.”
I suppose I probally should have described Coach Rodman before now this really is rather sloppy story telling on my behalf. See Coach Rodman was mixed race his father was Samoan and his mother was Black, so he was a dark skin tone. Man was he big he made me look like a child; he stood at about six foot seven and weighed nearly three hundred pounds. But don’t think that meant he was fat; the guy was all muscle he was built like a pro-wrestler. He kept his hair short and had a set of dog tags from his army days always around his neck. He would put on this I will tear you in half look on his face then you would see this vein start to bulge on his neck as if it was going to burst that’s you knew you were in trouble.

I should be perfectly honest Coach Rodman scared the crap out of me.

“Look Phillips I’m gonna level with you, I have you and your lay-about class for gym last period.” He began rubbing his temples “and you better not disappoint me for bought our sakes.”

He didn’t say anything else just left me standing there wondering what the hell was going on but to be honest I didn’t really care at the time I had to sprint all the way back to school to be on time for English. The rest of that day was rather unremarkable I trawled off tom class wondering what Coach Rodman’s agenda was.

So we gathered on the old lunch room paper bags full of food in trail and sat down beside our usual friends, Roger Anthony and Mark. Apart from me they weren’t interested in sport and hated gym so when I told them about Dwayne’s speech from early the all began to buzz with excitement. Dwayne was Coach Rodman’s first name.

Well some of the suggestions were just plan stupid.

“I bet he just wants to humiliate you.” Anthony growled crushing his empty can of coke in his pudgy hands

“No way, he said you better not disappoint me, so he must want you to prove your not worthy of the football team.” Piped roger from his tiny frame

“He also said for both our sakes so maybe its something that could get him fired if you failed.” Mark retorted

“How would that be bad for Steve?” Anthony chuffed

“Maybe Steve could die if he failed.” Roger almost jumped out of his seat saying it

“Now you’re just being stupid.” I snarled this really wasn’t helping the situation

“Maybe it has something to do with the football teams losing streak?” Justin answered

“Finally a realistic suggestion.” I sighed

“No way Dwayne is to proud for that.” Mark interjected

As the bell rang the conversation had descended into me being in a near death situation again. The next few classes seemed t drag on for ever until of course last period, the walk down to the changing rooms seemed to be endless my legs were like lead almost expecting some sort of axe on a pendulum to split me in two.

The pale white floor trailed off endlessly down the corridor and when I got to the big wooden door there was nothing but silence behind it. Apparently news of the talk between Coach Rodman and me had trailed all through out the school and other star jocks were terrified to. What if this challenge was for all of them? I shudder to think what some of them must of said about me that day.

“You’re a dead man walking, Phillips!” roared Brian Harper the schools football captain and all round jackass

“Hey herpes! Shut your trap, if he can’t pass this test do you honestly think you can?” shot back Mark

“Though talk from such a little man. Maybe I should use your mop of hair to scrub the toilets.” Brian sneered pushing mark over a bench

I flashed in front of him so fast even I didn’t see what happened but all of a sudden I was nose to nose with him, a moment ago I was maybe ten feet away. But now we were face to face nose to nose, and I couldn’t help but notice I was towering over his muscled frame and he had lost his stupid grin.

“You touch him again; I will personally ensure that you never touch anyone again.” I growled

“Your still a dead man, Phillips I’ll see you at the so called “test” and I will storm it leaving you standing there like some Mexican Janitor.” Brain retorted walking away

“Sounds a bit like yo momma!” called Mark

“Cool it will you.” I pleaded

“Phillips won’t always be there to save you mark and don’t you ever forget it!”  Brian and his boys all burst into laughter and walked out pounding their fists

I heaved a sigh and began to change this could only end badly.

“Hey Steve, don’t pay any attention to Brian. He isn’t exactly confident about this test he was just about ready to shit him self before you came in.” called Anthony as he left

The End

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