Andheri the Emnadin

Andheri the Emnadin is half-vampire and half-human. Her mother had the ability to suck out the souls of any human she wanted, and her drunken father had to suck blood to stay alive. Andheri was formed, having to suck out the souls of humans to survive. Being the only Emnadin alive, Andheri has gone through some tough challenges like the Death Angels - protectors of the afterlife, but her friends Natalie Nield the Shapeshifter and Meggie Loche the Teleporter, along with her mentor Luke the Telepo

My name is Andheri the Emnadin. I'm an average high-schooler, you could say. I listen to angst music, like to go online, and I have best friends: Meggie Loche the Teleporter and Natalie Nield the Shapeshifter. I'm half-vampire and half-Elite human (humans with special powers). In order to be a pure mix of both, an Emnadin must have a craving for souls. I kill nearly forty people in a year with cravings coming every ten days or so. These people get no afterlife. They walk in an eternity of darkness after death because of their lost soul. I transform from human to Emnadin with the only magic I am capable of: "Emnade Power!" I chose the wording at a very young age. I then have my wings, my Supernatural outfitting (yes, I change in the second it takes me to transform), and I have much better features in speed and strength in comparison to the human, Radhika. 

Meggie is a teleporter. Her "transformation" is adding a cloak to substitute for wings and getting on a stylish outfit. I believe her species is self-explanatory. She can teleport at least a hundred times faster than the speed of light (I, the Emnadin who moves at the speed of light, has tried to race with her before). I met her a couple of years ago with the arrival of middle school along with her pet bunny (who can transform into a human), Natalie.

School will be starting in a couple of hours. I have homework to do.

Andheri snapped her journal shut and headed for the bed to finish her Algebra II homework. She sighed and wondered what she would do in a couple of minutes when she'd be done with her homework.

It was early in the school year, but already Andheri was accustomed to the drone of high school life and lost interest in it. She checked her phone for the date when it suddenly started ringing.

Andheri clicked the "Answer" button and said in a monotone, but killing voice, "Meggie, what do you want?"

"Happy November 9th!" said Meggie through the phone, always cheerful and energetic.

"What's November 9th? Your birthday's in June, with me." Andheri struggled to remember. She put down her homework and walked to the window. She only had an English assignment after this, what was the harm in looking at another perfectly Californian day?

"Nothing really. But, it's a wonderful day to take Luke's test on Supernatural history in Australia!" Meggie giggled. Andheri could just see Meggie jumping with excitement about tests that lack usefulness.

"Yeah, okay." Andheri yawned with boredom. "Wait, test? Australian history? Luke? Shoot!" She ran to get her thousands of pages of notes. Luke the Teleporter was their mentor. After Andheri's parents could not understand what their newborn was or how to care for the child, her godfather, Lucas Henry the Teleporter who had been studying rare Supernatural species like Emnadins, Krobs, and Demon Angels for thousands of years offered to help. Andheri was given an education about herself and sadly, many other Supernatural relative things from the professor at the California University of Science. At the same time, he was mentoring Megan and Natalie. When he discovered the Supernaturals knew each other, they were all bunched together to be taught about how Krobs used to be abundant in the Aztec Empire or useless junk like that. Most of the time, Andheri was texting Natalie though.

"Should I leave now?" asked Meggie. "You only have a few hours, but upload the notes into your spiffy touch screen phone and study at school."

"Yeah, yeah. Bye" Andheri hung up and started to upload the files to her phone while studying as fast as her Supernatural abilities would let her.

At the last moment, Andheri put her jeans on and ran to school, reading the notes on her phone all the way. A couple seconds before the bell rang, Andheri slid into her seat. To her left was Meggie being a teacher's pet, once again. To Megan's left was Natalie.

"Natalie!" Andheri yelled in a whispering voice. "Could you put some kind of magical barrier up to block the teachers and stuff from seeing me use my phone?"

Natalie shut her eyes and a couple of seconds later, she gave Andheri the big thumbs up. Andheri shot a smile in return while setting her backpack on the empty seat to her right.

"Excuse me?" said an unfamiliar voice.

"Hmm?" Andheri tore her eyes away from her phone. There was a person sitting in Andheri's backpack's seat! In fact, there was a very attractive male person sitting in Andheri's backpack's seat with dark purple eyes that flashed red. Not that Andheri was attracted to him or anything with those flashes of red. Andheri was dazed in trying to memorize the perfection of this person's face...

"Your backpack," he pointed and smiled a smile of annoyance. This was clearly not a good first impression.

Andheri came back to reality and pulled the backpack under her desk. "Sorry," she smiled apologetically. She then realized he was waiting for her to say something more. After all, she'd be sitting next to this person for the next seven months. "I'm Andh - I mean Radhika." Andheri said, quavering like an earthquake on the inside. She had almost let herself go to a complete stranger! What was wrong with her? The purple-eyed boy gave her a questioning look, and Andheri gave him no time to say any witty response. "Are you new?"

"Yeah, I'm from San Diego. Just moved up here," he smiled with an awkward look in his eye.

"Justin Williams?" said Mr. Koff. With the baby face of an angel, the purple-eyed boy turned towards the teacher and nodded.

At the same moment, Andheri's phone buzzed. "Who is HE?!" read the text from Natalie, giving Andheri a questioning and curious-for-gossip look from the other way. Andheri gave a shrug in response, with a little hand gesture of "I'll tell you later."

Justin's tiny chat with the teacher ended and he turned back to Andheri. Andheri's phone buzzed twice and she checked them under the desk, pretending to give full attention to Justin. "So, I guess you're Justin!" Goodness, Andheri was sounding like an utterly insane teenager right now. "Welcome to the home of the jaguars! There's more to every person than meets the eye."

Natalie's text said that their faces looked extremely awkward. Andheri ignored her and got a reminder from Megan: "Test, remember?" Quickly, Andheri flipped back to her notes.

"Oh, yes. I have already noticed everyone has secrets." said Justin with a distant voice. "The History of Supernaturals in Australia? You into that stuff?"

Andheri felt his fresh breath against the side of her neck. It was tantalizing. She wanted to taste it. "Yeah. There's a lot to be learned from these myths." Andheri flashed a quick smile and was forced to read slower because of Justin's purple eyes watching her with an unbreakable gaze.

"Radhika?" said Mr. Koff. Did he notice the phone? No, thanks to Natalie!

"Hm? March 27th, 1944?" Andheri had taken an extremely wild guess. If she failed Luke's test, school would be a nonexistent feature. Mr. Koff needed to calm down with the questions about the history of the school.

"Correct. However, stop getting so comfortable with Mr. Williams back there," he gave Andheri the glare of warning. 

Surprised at what Mr. Koff had said, Andheri turns to Justin and found his face way too close to her own.

The bell rang and without a second glance, Andheri smiled good-bye and caught up with Meggie. "What just happened?" Andheri put her phone away for a second while they were walking to Algebra II to clear this matter up.

"Shall we recap?" Meggie said in her falsely sweet, but piercing voice. "There's a new student named Justin Williams. He chooses to sit next to you."

"There were three available seats! One was with the quiet geeks, the other was right in front of Mr. Koff. I would sit next to us too." Andheri whined.

Meggie gave Andheri a killing glare and continued, "You talk casually, and next thing you know, he's right next to your face!"

Andheri blushed heavily and kept her head down.

"There's only one possibility!" Meggie stopped in her tracks.

Andheri's mind was whirring with what Meggie was about to say in front of absolutely every person that could manipulate her human life.

"Justin Williams is a bloodsucker!" Meggie said, announcing it with confidence.

"Meggie..." Andheri caught up with Meggie and turned her self-confidence back on.  "Nobody sucks my blood."

"What's your explanation?" posed Megan.

"He's human with purple eyes, which means he has an eye disease. That's it." Andheri walked a little faster.

Megan shrugged and wandered her eyes. "We have thirty seconds to get to Algebra II." She teleported away, leaving Andheri alone.

Andheri walked faster now, alone in the halls. She felt eyes on her and broke into a run. Andheri was a Supernatural capable of getting rid of the life and afterlife of any human, what was she afraid of?

It's not like there were any other Supernaturals with immense power in the school, were there? 

The End

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