And They Said Romance Was Dead

The average cliques of the highschool system appeared to exist at college too. The populars, the chavs, the emos and the moshers - all gathered in their own groups. I was just another shy girl that was moving up to college. My brother saw me and charged over.

"First day then Lucy? What do you think so far?" My brother, Bean, said opening his arns wide. His name was Mathhew, but since primary school, everybody called him Bean.

"It's ok. No new friends yet..." I looked around for anybody that I recongnised and came up blank.

"Oi Bean!" A deep voice called behind me. "Don't be chatting up the newbies on their first day!" The owner of the deep voice stepped past me and stood next to my brother.

"Jamie!" Bean flicked his hair behind his shoulder - his long blond hair held tightly coiled ringlets, completely natural. The only time we ever tried to straighen them, his hair touched the ground. "This is my sister, Lucy." Bean waved his hand to indicate me.

"Hi." I smiled slightly and he grinned back.

"Nice to meet you Lucy. Jamie, please don't shorten the name." He said, offering his hand. I shook it tightly, and his grin widened. "Oh hell we've got art. See you in there Bean! Bye Luce." He slapped my bro on the back, shot me another grin and jogged off, yelling for one of the moshers to wait up.
"God, Jamie's excitable today." Bean turned back to face me, sniping my timetable out of my hand. "You're kidding! You smart little -" He started but I took the timetable out of his hands.

"Yeah I'm taking the same subjects as you. You knew I would. I love art and music." I said, commiting the room number to memory before folding it into my pocket.

"How did you manage to get then to put you in straight for second year courses?" Bean sounded shocked. "I'm in M4 for art first."  

"What?" I pulled it back out of my pocket. Sure enough, the room number for my first lesson was M4.

"Come on, we need to get up there." Bean grabbed my elbow and pulled me towards a corridor. He quickly let go when we turned into a group of people. "First staircase you see on the left." He said, pushing me to the left wall and stepping in behind me.

Walking against the "traffic", I pushed up a staircase and Bean laughed behind me.

"It looks like Miss Reef is waiting for you!" He said, opening a door I hadn't noticed and a teacher stepped out.

"Thanks for bringing Lucy up here Mathhew. Go sit down and I'll explain to the class in a minute why we have a new student in the group." The tall black haired woman said, and Bean stepped through the door briskly. And the long winded explanation began...

The End

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