"and they all died"

How'd it all start? This whole writing thing? Remember that first poem your mom taped up on the fridge? That page-length story that got your characters in a right mess and ended with "and they all died"?

Dig it up, type it, post it here. See how far you've come!

There is a beginning to everything. Maybe it's blurred or warped and you can't pin a date to it, but there was a point when we all decided to write something down. Our pudgy fingers pressed pencil to paper and formed words. Let's admit it, it was crap, yes? But, hey, our mothers hung it on the fridge anyway.

We can all hope we've progressed at least somewhat.

It is here that I challenge you to dig up your oldest works, form some sort of order from the mess, and see how far you've come.

Each post should include an "oldest" work with successive works filling the gaps between then and now. Don't make your post too long, though. Relavent paragraphs should do fine to make your point.

Well, then. Shall I start?

The End

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