And then.. I Awake

A wish, A thought, A dream..

I didn't think it was going to happen after what I thought was a crazy ending.  You were so angry and, I had to settle myself into acceptance.  I had to accept the fact that you would be a turbulent dream and, that I would love you for the rest of my life.

I couldn't believe my eyes, did they deceive me?  I couldn't believe my ears, were you truly speaking to me?  I didn't trust myself to speak, I was sure I'd say something wrong.  At first,  all I could do was stare,  my feet wouldn't move.  It was sweltering and I felt as if I stood in pools of sweat.  You stretched out your arms to me and slowly, ever, ever so slowly I walked into them.

The sigh escaped my lips, I closed my eyes, holding you close, tears fell..

Four weeks, 30 glorious days.  And God answered in kind as he caused the warm summer rain to fall, the rain that we walked in, the rain that we kissed in, the rain that you loved me in..  The blue eyes that sent chills through my body and seemed to bathe me in their light..  how much I loved them, how much I loved you.. and then..

I Awake..

The End

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