And the result?

She wasn't blind... at least now she wasn't. Was she sorry she let it happen? No, to her it was the most meaningful thing she ever had, even if it did mean nothing to him. That's probably why it hurts so much. Part of her felt sick over the whole thing. For once she had found an actual nice guy, a guy who confided in her as much as she did him and she wasn't good enough. Sure he'd say that wasn't the case but that would just be a lie to spare feelings. She knows where her mistakes were made. At least she thinks she does. Her first mistake, sleeping with him before settling into an actual relationship, sure she was ready that wasn't the issue here. No, the issue was the clear difference in emotional connection. Where she thought there was a strong connection, for him clearly there was none. But did she see that? No. Because she cared too much to notice. She fell fast and hard. In reality it probably would have hurt less to just be rejected in the beginning, rather than to drag it out, with the constant hope that one day he'd turn around as if to say "how did i not notice you before!" but this wasn't one of those love stories where the guy is blind to the girl and one day sees how much he really cares for her. No, this was not her love story. She wasn't the beautiful female lead. she was the Roseline before his Juliette. She was the girl he used for the company before falling madly in love with the main Character. In her story she was always doomed to heartbreak. So now, now she was dealing with it and trying to move on. It doesn't help that the girl he fell for was her friend but that was just fates way of laughing at her, as if to say "no, you don't just lose the person you love most in the world but you must lose him to your friend!". But dwelling on it all was not something she was going to allow herself to do, no she let it flood her system, overflow till she felt nothing and was moving on. So what if this wasn't her story! Sure she got f***ed over both metophorically and literally. But now? Now she had learned her lesson and was getting over all of the sh*t that was being thrown at her. That was That chapter dealt with and now was the time for bigger and better mistakes to be made, more importantly it was time for her to find someone who actually cared for her!

The End

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