The Doorbell

Ronnie and Shannon are house sitting for a family friend. Late at night the doorbell rings and...

I sat on the step of the oversized home that was tucked just far enough away off the road to give the property a little privacy. Through the thick of the trees off to the left I could barely make out a neighbor's house, though from all other angles there was nothing but woods.

I liked house sitting for the Millers. They had been friends of my parents for ages, though never had any children. On top of it, they were wealthy and the exquisite nature of their house made that obvious.

The house was made of mostly stone in the front with little touches of tan-colored sided to the left and right. A half-porch stretched out in front of a large, picture window and wrapped slightly around the left side. In the back yard was a pool, complete with a stone patio and of course a Jacuzzi that sat next to a beautiful steel grill. For a twenty-year-old, it was a hint of paradise without having to travel far from home.

Things got better when Ronnie's truck pulled up. The sun was about to go down and I hated being the modern mansion alone. I have to admit that I get creeped out very easily, so being in the dark in a strange, big house wasn't something I looked forward to.

I didn't think the Millers would really mind all that much if my boyfriend accompanied me, though I didn't mention that he would be staying the night. I also failed to mention that fact to my parents. I was still at that age they considered in between child and adult, and it was in no way a conversation I wanted to have with my father. Keeping Ronnie's presence a secret was much less of a hassle, and even made it feel like we were doing something a little wrong. That gave it a little more excitement.

I stood up, greeting him with a kiss as he approached from the driveway.

"You weren't kidding about this house," he stated with a grin. Ronnie's eyes looked up and he adjusted the book bag that hung over one shoulder.

"You should see the back yard," I told him with a grin. "There's an in-ground pool and everything. It's like a resort back there."

"Pool?" Ronnie laughed, "I'm intrigued but it is the end of October... in Connecticut."

"Did I mention it's heated?" I grinned up at him again and he kissed me once more.

"I'll take your word for it."

"Come on."

The two of us headed inside and I closed the door behind us, making it sure it was locked. I had no idea what was actually in store for us the rest of that night...

The End

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