How Much I Need Him

I walked into the doors of my school, East Middle School. Everything was familiar and unchanged, and that was how I liked it. I didn't want to go to high school next year if it wasn't like this.

I greeted the security guard, Leslie, at the front desk. She greeted me back with her heavy southern accent, which made me smile. I don't know where Leslie was originally from, but it was definitely not Hawk Harbour in Maine. We don't have accents like that here.

But I didn't dwell too long about it. I saw Jack at the end of the hallway, and he saw me.

"Jack!" I called.

I could see his face split into a wide smile all the way back here. Before I knew it, I was making myself go faster.

"Hey, Sammi," he said right before I nearly tackled him. I hadn't seen him all summer, he had been in Boston and came back late last night. His grandmother had recieved his school supplies list and did all the shopping for him.

"I see you missed me," he said in my ear, I was still hugging him.

"Yep. Don't talk. This is a Hallmark Moment."

"Yes, Samantha."

"You know I hate it when you call me Samantha."

"Sh, don't talk. It's a Hallmark Moment, remember?"

I squeezed him really hard right there, and I heard him gag a bit when I released him.

"Don't mess with the Sammi."

"'The Sammi'?"

"The Sammi."

"Alright then. So. I'm back. Aren't you going to ask me what I did in Boston?" He gave one of those sly smiles that always make me want to ask him what he was up to, so of course I had to ask him.

He told me his misadventures in Boston, and, at that moment, I realized just how much I needed him to always be there for me.

The End

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