How It All Started

I sat down and faced my diary. How would I write this down? My head was so screwed up that I didn't know where to start. But, nonetheless, it had to be written.

Alright, I thought to myself, It might as well start from the very beginning.

I pushed my diary off to the side and grabbed a fresh notebook and began to write.

*   *   *

Me and Jack had always been friends. It was just something that had always been known. We were friends, and that was that.

We had met each other when we were seven. He had moved into the house across the street and we had bonded in a snap.

As the years passed, we grew closer with every passing year. I had him, he had me, and that was all we needed.

And then, in eighth grade, everything changed.

I'll start on the first day of school.

The End

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