and thats when i killed myself..!

He is beautiful...Like the sun on an early mornin, all golden and radiant lighting up everything in its path! how i wish i could be just even a bird in that sky of his... I wonder, does he even know my name?

I wanted to find out if he knew who I was so I went upto him on a Thursday evening in the park outside the the block and asked him...

"Hi" I started "I was just wondering if you would like to get a cup of coffee..?"

He just stared...

"Oh I am so sorry.." I then for no reason at all began apolagizing "So sorry, I say! I have not even begun to introduce myself--" but I was cut off,

by HER!

"Sweetie..who is this?" She asked in that sickeningly candy coated voice!!

"I...don't...know...darling!"He said back!

Why? How?...Did he love her?  Darrrrling...He called her! Something he should call me! It was so dreamy when he said it! The way he rolls the word on that tongue of his!

"Ummm..Ma'm please do introduce yourself?" She said!

i hated her!

"oh i am...i am Nikki ..Johanson's mistress ofcourse!" I now could most certainly not control my mouth! What had i said?

But I  didn't stop there, "and you are..?" I added

"HIS WIFE!" Ohh...that voice that shrill screech  of a voice! It just infuriated me!

"Johan" she went on in that squeak! "what is this supposed to mean!?"

"Darla...i swear to you i hav never seen her before!" he said pleading like a puppy at that witchs feet!

"then WHY?"she was now glaring at me like i was the crazy one "WHY do say your my husbands prostitute?"

i could not take it any more!

could not stand to see them together!

could not stand to see her use him as just another accessory she wore around!

so, i began to walk...

she, as i hoped,followed me!

i walked her upto my apartment!

"where are you takin me!?" she demanded!

"you will see..."

he was also there..

but he remained silent..

 i opened my door...

ushered my dear guests into my meager apartment!

asken him to stay out in the living room!

requested her to follow me into the bedroom!

stashed out the gun from under the bed, held it to her head,she screamed!

he came in...

and thats when i killed myself!

The End

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