And so the Angel FallsMature

Only a one shot. About a killer I may feature in other stories.

I know he's watching me, he's always watching. His name is the  Fallen Angel Killer, well that's what the cops call him anyways. That sick sadistic tattoo on his back explains it, an angel with a knife in its skull. With his devislish good looks, and 'caring' personality, no one could ever dream it was all an act, that this man could really be a cold blooded killer. No one except for his victims that is, and  I'm his newest one, Angel Harisson. Yes my name is Angel, ironic isn't it. I thought so too, but that's not what I'm thinking about now as I look up into his eyes, blue and full of excitement, the thrill of the kill. He grabs the back of my head and holds a knife at my temple. All I hear before the knife pierces my skull, killing me almost instantly, are five words that haunt me for the last seconds of my life. And so the angel falls.

The End

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