And So it Came to be That They Found Me Standing in a Pot of Gold, Covered in Lucky Charms.

Its never easy to be the only Irish girl at your school.

People ask things like, "Where do you come from?" "Say something in your Irish accent!" and stuff like that. It gets pretty annoying sometimes. I'm not Simon Cowell now, am I?

I do have a friend though, inamoungst all these wannabe's. Jeff is the bestest friend a (Irish) girl could have.

My story begins at school, Jeff and I sitting alone and silently in the school canteen, just for today everyone is leaving me alone. Jeff thought this would be a good day to ask me...
"Do you believe in that Irish stuff? Like pots of gold at the end of rainbows and leprachauns and all that?" I just looked at him, he saw my face go red and looked to the floor.
"I don't know... I certainly believe in lucky charms. Espeiccally these." This was when I tipped out the entire contents of my red backpack. Little green horse shoes, rabbits feet and other stuff that some people would call "Lucky Charms" spread out on the table. (sorry if the person who said lucky charms for the title, sorry if its meant to be the cereal.)
"I always carry these with me." I grew more red. (If that was possible.)

Rain splattered against the roof. Our free-period was almost over. Jeff had been amazed by my lucky charms. He had been looking through them for the best part of an hour.
Suddenly the rain stopped and sun flashed inside. I squinted as I looked at the brilliant rainbow shone against the sky.
"I got an idea!" Jeff burst out. I jumped with surprise.
"What?" I puzzled. Oh... I know where hes going, I thought to myself.
He saw my expression changed and nodded, smiling cheekily.
"Yep. We are going to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!"

A few hours after lots of "No, I don't want to go!" and "Why do we have to go?"'s we set off, much to my dissapointment.
I had done this before, yonks ago, I didn't find the gold.
"We need to go North." Jeff was muttering to himself and I thought about school, who cares about school? People skip class all the time.

We walked for some time. Not talking at all. Suddenly in the distance something shone on Turners Hill, I squinted, trying to get a better view. I couldn't make out what it was.
Jeff noticed it too and ran towards it. I had gathered my lucky charms and they were once again in my backpack on my back. I carefully ran, carefully trying not to break any of them.
The rainbow stopped where we ran to. It just sort of faded away into the grass.
Turns out, the myth is true. We did find a pot of gold there. Quite a large one too. Filled to the brim with little shiny coins.
Jeff and I were extatic. I opened my bag and my charms spilled out into the gold. We actually got into the pot to dance. It would have been quite a sight to see. Two teenagers dancing in a giant pot of gold at the end of a rainbow covered in lucky charms.

Suddenly, "POLICE HERE! GET OUT OF THE POT NOW!" I looked around, Jeff had gone but now there were three policemen surrounding me.

And so it came to be that they found me standing in a pot of gold, covered in lucky charms.

The End

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