and so it begins

She found herself standing at the the bus stop again!  Thinking of life.  Her mundane life now.  Where had the adventures and excitment gone.  She was older now.  Half her life gone.  Where was she going now.  Was life going to be the same?  Had it passed her by? 

As the bus arrives she gets on it and then she sees  a beautiful wonderful little girl with the most beautiful eyes and a great smile.  And she remembers.  There was a time when her children smiled like that when their smiles made her smile.  When their antics made her laugh.  When life was full.

Now family and friends tell her she has time for herself.  How much time?  She is going throug the "empty nest syndrome" .  Why?  She dosnt want the empy nest syndome!  She is not ready!  But life goes on.  Then she remembers.

This isnt about being alone its about finding out about who you are.  The children are still in her life.  Even though there is no longer a mate she is still finding out about herself.  She is involved with her children their lives.  But what now?  How do you live a life alone?  She remembers a time when the house wasnt quiet, when you argued with children about televison shows about who was allowed to watch what.  Using the phone and trying to have a quiet conversation without interruptions.  Now there is quiet.  So very quiet.

Where had life gone?  The life she once knew.  Who is she going to be now? Where is she going now?  So much freedom and yet what to do with it?

And so it begins.  Life.  She began life that wasnt meant to be.  She wasnt suppose to be here, and yet here she was.  The beginning of her life was not set in stone.  It wasnt meant to happen but she was borne, and here is her beginning. 

The End

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