And So I Have This Phobia...

Dentophobia - dental phobia. Clearly!

My phobia doesn't have a name. If it does, I can't find it!
  When I was a kid I loved sausage rolls. Sayers was probaby my favourite shop (other than Toys'R'Us!) at the age of around 5. I guess I loved the flaky pastry - it was the best part!
 In secondry school, we had to make sausage rolls one Food Tech lesson, & bring in our own sausages. Well, I was the only kid who brought raw sausage meat, & th only kid who had to spread the cold mush with my bare fingers over the floppy, unbaked pastry. But, once they were cooked my class mates gobbled them all up, saying how much they reminded them of those lovely Sayers delights.
 When I was about 15, my mother brought me home a sausage roll, for old time's sake I guess.. She put it on a plate & set it on my lap...
 Well, I just stared at it, then started crying! My poor mum must have been shocked when I had a full-blown panic attack, just staring horrified at this sausage roll.
 Since then I've had to tell people about my phobia. It's difficult to hide at lunch times! A classmate of mine in college had a pack of party sausage rolls recently & offered me one (she didn't believe my phobia wasn't a joke) & once again, I was crying, cowering away from it. She was sympathetic after seeing my reaction!

So I have this phobia... What the hell's it called?!

The End

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