And So I Have This Phobia...

Agoraphobia .. The fear of open spaces, of leaving a safe place, of being in a crowded place, some times people suffer with panic attacks along with it, which I think is the worst.

My son, (who will probably be upset with me) is 26 yrs old now.  He was very inquisitive when he was young and he'd come in and tell me about all the weird bugs,eg.  the helicopter bug (dragonfly) and the pretty forest bug (june bug). 

We lived in an area where you could basically play Old MacDonald if you wanted.  So we had silky chickens, geese, mallards, pekings, muscovies, a goat named Billy, two calfs, Mew Mew the cat, one springer spaniel named Smokey, two dobies, Prince, Poppy, a chow named Red, a big floppy eared bunny named Thumper and an assortment of guinea pigs. 

Although my son played with all of these animals and loved them dearly.. he suffered from Doraphobia..  I mean he would get chills and shake, I would have to hug him close.

We never could figure out why or what caused it, I am happy to report though, he is absolutely fine now..

The End

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