And So I Have This Phobia..




When we were kids, we did as all kids do, we ran, skipped, jumped, screamed and climbed.  Summer was our favorite time.  We would all get together and play softball, touch football and volleyball.  Our favorite was handball.  Of course to play handball, we had to have the wall.

One summer day a bunch of us decided to sneak onto the campus of the local high school, they had a handball court to die for.  The only way to get to it though was to climb the fence, I have to admit, it was pretty high. 

We climbed one by one, handing over the balls, shirts, water bottles and a couple of bags with goodies.  It all went well, until one of our friends climbed up, got to the top of the fence and got stuck...

There was nothing holding her, she wasn't stuck on anything but, she was stuck all the same, we tried talking her down.  A couple of the boys went up to try and help her down but, she clung to the fence with her eyes closed, crying and shaking uncontrollably. 

We finally had to call her parents and the fire department..

I will never forget that day, we spent the whole day trying to talk her down.   We laugh about it now but at the time, she was truly frightened.. 

My friend suffers from Acrophobia

The End

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