And she was his...Mature

And he was hers...

September 8, 1999

The end of labour day. Signalled the start of well...Labour. My father had finally stopped suggesting I get a job and then gave me an ultimatium. He said something like Adele Freguson get a job or your out. I admit I was lazier than most teens. I would cook food in the microwave and then eat right out of the microwave. I listened to music off of my computer because I was too lazy to download it to my IPOD.

So I'm a lazy slob and my father wants me to shape up. I shrug because I am anonyed but I try to anony him by feigning indifference. But remember I'm lazy so I don't look for a job, instead I beg to my mother's sister. The one that feels sorry that I lost my mother early blah blah blah...anyway, I beg to her to give me a maid's position. She looks at me nervously. (She's seen my bedroom) . I was never good with manipulation you know puppy dog eyes and all that. So I just begged like the lowly person I am. She gives me a name and an address just to shut me up and so here I was...

I was never good with directions but I recognized this street right away. This was the ritzy area.  You payed for privacy and lots of property. I peered half out of my piece of shit car and looked at all the property. I couldn't see most of the houses because of fences or trees in the way.But  I was still in awe. In total awe. Most of them were older houses with lots of history. A couple of them had ghosts in them. After awhile I realize I've passed the house I'm suppose to be going to.

I almost don't care but I turn back and start looking at the house numbers instead of the houses themselves. It doesn't take long to find 60 Cherry lane. In my head I called it cheery cherry lane but this place was anything but cheery.

There was like a wall of weepying willows and then a high stone wall. I drove up and slowed to a speaker box. No one said anything about a speaked box! I was getting nervous now. I started up at a camera. My eyes were bugging out of my head and I was bitting my nails. I looked anything but innocent. I hide my hooker bootet feet underneath the dashboard. I cursed myself for insisting on dressing so sloppy.

" Name" The speaker cracked

" Adele Fregusion, I'm the new maid"

" I hope you do better than the last one!" The speaker bellowed

I jumped and nodded silently. I watched the door buzz open and I jumped again. I slowly drove up and parked infront of a large parking garage. My crap car didn't seem nice enough to be seen with any of the cars in their.

The End

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