" Your not leaving the table until you eat your spamloaf" Mum says

" It's wiggling!" Timmy pouts

" Pretend it's meat jello with ketchup icing" Dad suggests

The door bell rings

" It's Bobby!" Timmy shouts

" Wait! Your not going anywhere mister. You haven't touched your spamloaf" Mum folds her arms.

" I have touched it! Everytime I touch it, it jiggles and flops around!"

" That's enough, everyone else eats it without complaints. You'd better start doing the same. " Dad orders

Mum looks offended. She is about to protest ,but  the door bell rings again.

Mum sighs " I'll go tell Bobby to wait in the living room"

Mum wipes her hands on her pants and walks to the front door. She peeks through the peep hole and sees an overweight woman in leather and a skinny man on a leash. She opens the door.

" You must be Bobby's parents"

" Oh no madam...We are with BAS" The skinny man says

The large woman tugs on the leash " Tell her what BAS is ,worm!"

" Yes mistresss, " He winces " We are part of the Bondage Awareness Society. We support-"

" I am already bondage aware thank you very much..." Mum says

Dad calls from the table " Invite him in already!"

Mum sighs " It's not Bobby. It's the salvation army or something..."

" Tell them I donate through work" Dad shouts back

Man pipes in " Oh we are  not looking for money. We are requirting new members, We meet every Wednesday for  a supper and a spanking"

" Do you have a panflip? " Mum asks " I can't join any group unless they have a panflip"

The man hands the woman the panflip and then the woman hands it to the Mum.The mum briefly looks it over, while humming.

" We'll be there for the spanking" Mum says

The End

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