? and Mr. M

Who we are to judge others?!

? : What have you done? What have you done? Oh God, you didn't understand……

Two hours earlier…

? : "I am angry" DON'T, Don't use me, how many times did I tell you not to use me when you're talking to me? I feel offended.
M: I OWN YOU, and I do have the right to use you whenever and wherever I want.
? : You don't own me; you just have been given a privilege to use me. I am the reason your kind still exists till today, and you ought to respect me.
M: No, if it wasn't us, you'll be useless.
? : "I'm calm" You already have made me useless; you believe that you've got all the answers, and you can read people's mind and know exactly what they're like inside.
M: When you work as a ****** you find out real quick, people's faces lie.
? : Does my face lie?
M: You don't have a face.
? : O.K. now get up and open that window over there.
M: I don't have to do that.
? : Yes you do, to prove your theory is right.
M: I don't have to prove anything to you.
? : At least show me that I am wrong.
M: OK and I'll never hear your voice again...
? : "I am smiling" OK, now get up and tell me what kind of people do you see? You know that people to make sure their hair is just right and their look is okay, so don't get misjudged by the outfit.
M: Shut up, this is my job; I've been doing this all my life, that's why I'm in this position, I judge people.
? : "I'm smiling" O.K, now describe the scenery.
M: There is a man in a black suit wearing a pink tie on a white shirt holding a suitcase……..
? : A man gets a suit, a suit gets him a job, and a job makes money. So a man can have all the candy he want, no that wasn't what I'm looking for, I need to know who is he? What is he thinking of right now? What is he?
M: A civic-minded, very respectable man, comes from a very high-class family, employee of a very respectable organization, may be one of the government agencies, very popular, high-level communication skills, married to a lovely woman with two kids.
? : "I'm amazed" Well done, but he could be a procurer instead of being a government officer, right?
M: WHAT………
? : Uh, uh... I could be right, and you could be wrong, he could be anything…
M: Never I am always right, wait to see.
? : Have you ever wished you could look into the future, The Chinese believe it's possible just by looking at a pattern of tea leaves, So... the question is …what will I see?
M: Hush, a car is approaching him with...with a GOVERNMENT PLATE ON IT.
? : OK, you've done it this time.
M: I've been doing it all my life, this is my job, now shut up and I don't want to hear your voice AGAIN.
? : Why are you so angry at me? Why do you treat me like this? You're not like that with anybody else, aren't you?
M: Because you're not human, I deal with all kinds of people every day, and I know how to treat every one of them the good and bad, I know who they are, how they are thinking and I give them exactly what they deserve with a big big smile on my face.
? : OK, You've picked him; let me pick someone else this time, if you proved I'm wrong, that would give you a deserved victory.
M: I don't have to.
? : Please.
M: Please? Please? OK, you pick one, but hurry I don't have much time.
? : OK, take me to the window.
M: You cripple.
? : Thank you, you see that young lady over there at that bus station.
M: Oh, That skinny figure, you could've picked someone more complicated, but you had your chance, OK, let me see, a middle-class woman wearing an old fashioned cloths from the sixties may be she inherited it from her mother, single unrecognized, has one friend, she had love once from one side, she is an office girl, the city is full of women like her.
? : The city is full of women like her, so do you think if a bus hit her while she's passing the street, it will do no harm to anyone, even to the community.
M: The community is better off without them.
? : OK, put me back please.
M: This is your last wish then.
? :No, not yet, Please open that drawer the second on the left, you'll find something, please grab it.
M: OK.
? : Thank you.
M: Wh…Whh….What is that? Who put this thing in here?
? : Don't be scared it's a paint gun; it's just a toy for kids.
M: What does this silencer do on it? Why is it too heavy?
? : Oh come on, it a toy, try it for yourself.
M: OK, what do you want to do with it?
? : I want you to go again to the window and shoot the office girl..
M: WHAT……???!!!!
? : It's just a game and it won't hurt her, and you said it yourself the community is better off without them.
M: But…but..
? : Are you scared? Be a man, she is sentenced to death
M: OK, and after that I don't want to see you.
? : "I'm smiling" as you wish.
M: Oh my God, Oh my God, the gun is real, she is DEAD, I killed her… No, you killed her… you miserable*****. I will kill you.
? : "I'm smiling" You can't kill me, remember I'm not a human.
M: What have I done? I killed a poor girl.
? : Come on pull yourself together, the community is better off without her.
M: What if I were wrong about her?
? : You're never wrong about anyone, that's your job, that's what you do best remember, judge people.
? : "I'm smiling"
M: I wake up every morning and I see... the sky. I see all the things I love in this world. The work, the food, the time to sit and smoke. And I look at myself in the mirror I ask myself, "What the hell am I carrying this smile for? Why am I trying to become something I don't want to become when all I want is out there waiting for me the minute I say I know who I am?
? : What do you mean?
M: I'll do jail. Isn't that what should happen?
? : "I'm shocked" What are you doing? You know you can't kill me, so don't point that gun at me, what are you doing by the window? Oh, No…. Nooo…… Noooooooooooo.
? : What have you done? What have you done? Oh God, you didn't understand……
? : You didn't kill anyone, it was just an illusion.

Two weeks later……

? : "I'm smiling" Good moring Dr. D.
D: Goo..Gooo.. Goood mornig to you too.
? : You seem very busy today, how may I help you.

The End

The End

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