Rhiannon: Snap

"Well," I said, still staring at the clover tattoo. "Here's something you don't see every day. Eínai alí̱theia af̱tó?" Is this true?

Something in my head said yes.

"Okay, Liam, lets say I believe you. For now. I'd like you to know that if you irritate me I may do something you won't like," I said, keeping my voice level.

"Such as...?" said the vampire, Liam.

"Such as burning that black haystack off your perfect immortal head!" I snapped.

Shock registered on his face for an instant, then he moved back slightly and looked at me as if I was somehow acting weirdly for a witch who'd run into a vampire.

"What?" I said.

"Uh... Would you like to come in?" he said. It was my turn to look shocked. I thought it was very bold, considerng I'd just tried to kill him.

"Okay... But if you try to hurt, kill, molest or anything similar me, don't expect me not to fight back."

His expression changed completely, and I realized I'd overreacted. I blushed slightly, and he disappeared, reappearing behind the window again.

"Párte mou ti̱n pórta," I muttered. In an instant I went from pavement to doorway and looked in.

"So, how long have you been dead then?" I asked.

The End

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