Liam: Distracted

 I turned away from the mirror and bent down to grab my plain black top. I slipped it on and walked to my wardrobe.

 "Jeans, jeans, jeans..." I muttered whilst looking, and then I found a pair of black skinny jeans.

 "They'll do." I exclaimed to nobody. Suddenly, I froze. I could sense something. It wasn't like I was smelling it or hearing it; it felt more a feeling that ran down my spine. There was a witch. I turn and walk slowly but gracefully toward my window.

 The witch was already staring at me. I tried to wave to show that I wasn't bad, but my hand hit my radiator along the way, so I just looked like my hand was having a fit. Brilliant. I decided to talk to her.

 I gestured with my hands to stay here, so she raised and eyebrow, and I left before she could do anything. Within about a second I was next to her.

 I was used to people gasping and screaming when I turn up next to them, but witches are different. Maybe because they can sense my presence.

 "Hi...Um, my name's Liam." I said nervously. I let out a sigh. "And I'm a vampire." I said, looking away from her.

 "I know," she said. "I'm Rhiannon and I'm a witch." She said coldly. I nodded,

 "Okay, but I want you to kno-"

 "Listen, vamp, I don't normally to to you lot before I kill you, so shut up and let's dance!" she said, doing jazz hands at the last two words.

 She threw a punch at me, but I blocked it and twisted around to elbow her. She fell on the ground. I knew it didn't hurt her-- I hit her in exactly the right place.

 "Listen!" I said as she thrashed about trying to get up. "Listen!! I'm not bad! I'm a good vampire! See?!" I said, showing a tattoo I had on my wrist. It was of a hand holding a four leafed clover. It meant I was a good Irish vampire. She seemed to stare at it for ages.

 "Well," she said

The End

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