And Love On The Side

A collaborative story about a group of people-- three girls; three boys-- who meet in New York city and they start to have lots of fun together.
A while into their friendship, they all discover that every one of them have one special secret. They all know that they all have secrets.
But what they don't know is that they all have the same secrets.
They're all super-humans.
Even more of a while later, they all fall in love, and this is inevitable because of all the tension between them, bu

 Crimson red eyes gleam at me through the darkness. I stare at them intently, not scared as a normal person would be; I just wait for the blood red eyes to blink. But they never do...

 I look around myself, taking in my dark surroundings. I'm in a forest, sitting on a piece of rubble which had fallen off of the 'haunted' stone house I'm sitting in.

 This house is so old that it's hardly a house any more; just a few bits of rubble with window holes, that rise a yard above me. The house is still as tall as it used to be.

 I should be scared; frightened, but I'm not. I'm awaiting the attack that it's my duty to beat.

 A sudden ringing breaks my focus.

 I groaned moodily as I lifted my arm lazily to flop down on the snooze button on my annoying alarm clock.

 "Liam! Get your lazy arse down 'ere or I'll 'ave ta' force ya'!" my mother, Betty, shouted angrily from downstairs.

 I groaned again.

 I jumped out of bed and looked at myself in the tall mirror in the far left corner of my medium size room.

 I had very pale skin and blue eyes, framed by long dark eyelashes; all heritage from the Irish side of me.

 I was quite muscly, but not obsessively. I had thick eyebrows which always curved when I laughed or smiled which made me look worried. Well, I would look worried if I weren't smiling.

 I had quite angular, hard cheek bones, which were on either side of a small, also angular nose.

 Under that nose were very red lips, which contrasted against my ivory pale skin.

 My hair was jet black and-- at that moment-- at a dissaray of a long mane. When brushed and neatened out, it fell to my eyebrows.

 All in all, I was quite a good looking boy. But I wasn't human.

 I was a vampire.

The End

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