And It All Comes Tumbling Down

My mom used to say your life is made up by all the decisions you make, and each one can always drastically change your life. Each thing you say will somehow influence your life that will drastically change it in the future then if you hadn't said it. And each thing you do will always cause a different out come. That unfortunately was proven true at a young age. My father abandoned us when i was 7 and we haven't seen him since.  There's not even a photograph or note or stain on the rug to remind us he was ever here.  It was as if he had never came into our lives and left just as quickly.  But again my life changed.  I had gotten in trouble at school and my mom had to leave work to come pick me up. At that same time some smart ass had decided to drink a bottle of whiskey or two and chugged a few cans of beer.  The crash was flawless.  He thought he would be cool and try to race my mom and she didn't want to.  He started yelling at her, random chants and outburst, frustrated that she wouldn't race him.  He slowed down to try and pull into her lane but didn't pay attention and hit the back of her car sending her spinning into the cement barrier.  When the police got there the front of the car was crumbled and folded in on its self while the drunk guys truck crumbled the back of it.  The guy left the hospital with a nasty bump on his head, but my mom never walked out of the hospital, in fact she never walked again and never will. Paralyzed from the neck down, i was unable to live with her without causing more trouble and stress for her. Understandably she sent me to live with my uncle , Ray, two towns over.  He's not the best but he certainly isn't the worst.  

"Kayla stop writing in that journal for 5 minutes and eat your dang breakfast." Ray's voice called out awakening me from my dream land of words and writing, the closest thing i had to a perfect place. I looked at my plate and realized i hadn't eaten a thing while both my cousins had finished and Ray was on his second helping. Today was my first day at a new school. Its april, great. 

"Hurry up and eat don't grade 8's start at 8:15 am?" Ray asked. Both his kids were in the middle school two blocks away.

"Im in grade 9, and yes and its only 7:34." I replied as i looked at the clock.

Today was my first day at a new school and my first day in hell.

The End

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