And it all begins again.Mature

The really sad thing is that i believed your every word. Every single word. You really suckered me in.  Honestly, i took everything at face value. And in return you took everything from me. One moment you were my entire world. And then you wern't. You were suddenly his world instead. Nathan's world. What a horrible place to be.

Its alright now though. At least it will be soon. As soon as you stop breathing everything will be perfect again. You will be mine again. I will make you mine again. This time it will be forever. Christ, I wish you would stop fighting this. Stop fighting me. Stop fucking struggling. You know you are dead. I can see it in your pretty mismatched eyes. Stop clawing at me, I know you have no nails. You bite them down to useless little stubs. Stop trying to get you're fingers under the scarf, it won't work. You know that this scarf will be the death of you. I find it funny that this object that drew us together is killing you. Ironic isn't it. Sorrry, I forgot, you can't speak right now.

You still smell so good. Your breath smells of the cinnamon toothpaste I bought you. I am breathing in your last choking breathes right now. You look so funny, like a fish drowning in air. I suppose I should feel bad because I have killed you. I don't. I feel happy. I feel relieved.

I can almost taste you as you slowly stop struggling beneath me. You are only twitching now but i do not loosen the scarf. I can see the life leaving your eyes and I can feel you entering my soul. It is a beautiful moment. After waiting a moment longer to make sure you are gone, I let go of the scarf and just sit here on your chest for a moment. I am breathing heavily and surprised that it took so much effort.

Your lips are still so perfect. So full and round. I need to kiss them. Leaning down I touch your lips with mine. Sill so soft, still so tasty. They are unresponsive but I love the taste of you so much that i push my tongue into your mouth. I nuzzle you for a few minutes, rubbing my face on yours then sit up. I have more work to do tonight.

As I slide off the bed I catch sight of myself in the mirror. My hair has been messed up in the struggle and my mascara is smeared where you, my lover, tried to poke my eyes out, but generally I look good. I admire myself for a moment. I have always liked looking at myself. Some people would call it narcissistic, I call it good taste. I love me. Red curly hair, petite figure, (no boobs, but i think they are over rated) and pale skin with freckles... what's not to like? God I am so vain sometimes.

I've got to drag myself away from this stupid mirror. I have other tasks to complete tonight.. Places to go, people to kill. I smile at myself in the mirror and leave my ex-lovers bedroom.

The End

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