Guardians were shocked. " I originally thought that frostbite will just originally trade baby tooth. ' Hello Get this fairy give my memory. ' ' Ok here you go. ' like this… " " SH! Let's see what happens next. "

 " He has to go… " Jack turned back confused and shocked. Pitch was right? No, not really, was he? " What? " " WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE TRUSTED YOU! " Bunny yelled at Jack with anger, feeling his fist to clench and want to attack Jack. " E-Easter, is  new life, new beginnings, Easter's about hope! Now it's gone! Because of  You!  " Jack couldn’t believe his ears. No he could. It was right. He was destined to be alone. He threw North's center on the grasses and flew away making a big blizzard in his flying place.

 Bunny looked ashamed. What had he done? Everyone glared at him. But then looked at memory.

 Jack was flying through the blizzard ignoring the tears that were falling off from his eyes. ( Remember the scene that Merida was riding Angus out of he castle crying? Something like that. ) Jack was suddenly crushed to an Iceberg and fell down. He cried up at the Blizzard. " Blizzard! Not you too! " Then he stopped crying. " Well, they can handle it without me. I am useless. Nah wind seriously I AM useless. Just a 314 years old boy wandering alone and unseen around the world. " he just flew away until he reached the ocean wanting to threw his memory box on the ocean. " Gah. " He couldn’t. " I Though this might happen. They never really believed in you, I was just trying to say you that, But I understand. " Jack was trying to control his anger. How dare he? " YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING! " Jack shouted at Pitch as he send a blast of exploding ice to Pitch. " NO? I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS LIKE TO BE CASTED OUT? TO BE ALONE? NOT BE BELIEVED IN? TOO LONG FOR A… A Family… " Jack lowered his attack a second. What did he…?

" I those years in the shadows, I thought, no one else knows what is fear like. But now I was wrong. " Jack completely lowered his staff listening to Pitch. " You don’t have to be alone Jack. I believe in you, and I know children will too! "

" JACK HE IS LYING! " " Tooth calm down, this is past and a memory. It happened. "

" In me? " " Yes! Look at what we can do! What goes better than cold and dark? "

 " Cookie and Eggnog. "

" Floss and Tooth Brush. "

" Chocolate and Egg. "

" >>(=^_^=)<<  +  >>(=^_^=)<< " ( Sandy  meant to animals, like a fem cat with a men cat. )

 " We can make them believe! We'll keep them in a world where everything, everything is.. "

" Pitch Black? " Jack assured.

" … And Jack Frost, too. They believe in both of us. "

" No they'll fear, both of us. And that’s not what I want. At Last time, leave me alone! "

 " Did he just said that? " " Clever Son! " " Congratulations mate.. " " >>!!!<< "

Guardians didn’t believe their ears. Everything Jack wanted was in front of him. Friend, Home, Family, Trust, Love ( NO NOT ROMANCE, FAMILY LOVE ), and BELIEVED IN, he did NOT accept it?


'' Ok, you want to be left alone, Done! But first… " A loud humming sound filled Antarctica. " BABY TOOTH! "  Jack ran over Baby Tooth and Pitch, making a big storm. " THE STAFF JACK! " Jack lowered his staff in case of planning. " You have a bad habit of interfering. Now hand it over, and I'll let her go! "

 " Jack will attack him, Yay! " Tooth hummed.

Frost appeared more and more around the Staff, showing the anger of Jack. Jack let go of his staff. He couldn’t. With every move baby Tooth was more in danger.  He handed the staff to Pitch. The frosts disappeared and stick turned into a dead stick. " Alright, now let  her go. " Pitch grinned. " Nah. You said You want to be left alone. SO BE ALONE! " Baby Tooth hummed and hurt Pitch with her nose. Pitch screamed and threw her into a ice hole. " NO ." Jack shouted as baby Tooth was thrown over there. Pitch broke his staff with his knees. " Ah! Uh… " Jack grabbed his stomache feeling pain is growing inside him, and then Pitch made a nightmare sand and threw it to Jack, causing him to hit the Ice hard and lose his conscious. Jack fell down to the hole and unconscious.  Pitch laughed and threw the staff pieces toward him. Jack slowly gained his conscious. He tried to remember everything. What happened? Then it hit him. " Baby Tooth! Eh, You alright? "

" Wow. Caring boy.. "

Jack tried to warm her but Baby Tooth just sneezed. Jack apologized. " Sorry. All I can do is keep you cold. Pitch was right. I make a mess with everything. " Jack sighed and sat on his knees. " Come on Baby Tooth, get in m pockets. It is the warmest place. " Baby Tooth ran  to Jack's Pocket with a real happiness, and Jack leaned to the ice wall closing his eyes, waiting for the pain to end. ' Jack… '

" Woah! " Jack jumped back seeing a golden light inside his pockets.

 " They only shine when they know you need them the most. " Tooth explained at the confused guardians. Nightlight ( You know who I mean, Book character ) entered the room. He didn’t like to talk much but this time was different. " Hi Guardians, Man in Moon told me this time I should come and see Jack's memories. " And then silence.

 Baby Tooth showed Jack how to see his memories. Jack hesitated but then gave up and looked at his memories, the picture was a boy with the same fluffy hairs just red. ( I changed the brown. You guess why. ) The memories started.

 "Red… "

 It was two stars shining in the dark sky. The both stars landed on the ground, making it explod. Two babies fall of the stars. One with straight white hair and blue eyes, the other one with white fluffy hairs and blue eyes. They were quite. Standing for someone to pick them up. The moon shined and picked up the Straight haired boy. The fluffy one stayed alone. Two knights appeared, and picked up the baby. Exactly when the baby was touched, his hairs turned red. Knights gasped and ran to a Castle, in Sweden. The King and Queen, Elinor and Furgus, Looked at the baby and chose him as their baby for the Beautiful blue eyes an red hairs. The boy stared at them. He found his family.

( Another Memory )

" Where is my little birthday boy….? " Queen Elinor was talking and searching for Jackson. 3 years old Jackson giggled softly and looked at Elinor a little, then changed his hiding place. He hid near a tree. Exactly when he wanted to change his place, Elinor found him. " I AM GOING TO TACKLE YOU LITTLE BOY… " Elinor grabbed Jack as long as he was trying to run away. He started chuckling that Furgus, his dad entered and placed his bow on the table. " Furgus, no weapons on the table. " " A bow A Bow! " Jack ran to the table grabbing the heavy bow. " Can I shoot an arrow… Please Please Please? " " Well  let me think… How about having your own? Happy Birthday Jackson! " He tossed a small boy to Jack. Jack was just like living in a dream. So they started loosing the arrow. " Ok, Eyes open, And… Loose! " The arrow didn’t just hit the target, exactly it went upper and farther than the Target. " I loosed. " Jack said with a clear disappointing voice. " GO get it Jackson. " Jack ran over  the forest. " A bow furgus? He is a gentle! Oh! Haha! " Elinor told his husband.

 " I love him. He is so cute. But Nightlight… Guys… He was born… By the stars… And Nightlight! I-it was… " " So that was why man in moon wanted me to see this… " Nightlight muttered.

" MUM! MUM! I SAW THE WISPS! WISPS! " Jack shouted and arrived with the arrows. " Really? You know, they say only the bravest people can see the Wisps! "  " Wisps are myths! Magic! " " Don’t listen to your dad. He doesn’t believe in magic. " Jack answered. " Well he must! Because Myths and legends are lessons and real. " After a few seconds Jack screamed. " BJÖRN! ( Bear ) " Everyone turned back. Elinor grabbed Jack's hand and ran toward her horse that the bear grabbed Jack's feet. Jack screamed in pain and looked at his blood. Elinor screamed and grabbed Jack. The bear attacked again and killed Furgus. Jack screamed. " NO! DAD! DAD! LET ME GO! HE NEEDS ME! DAD! " Jack's eyes were in tears . Elinor ignored his yells and ran through the castle. Jack just placed his head on her mother's chest and cried. And cried. And cried.

 " What? Why the hell? I hate the bears! " Bunny yelled. North calmed him down. " Calm Down! "

11 years later **

The fourteen Years old Jack was trapped between 5 girls. ' I am Jackson Overland Frost, the first Born prince of Queen Elinor and King Furgus, The step king of Sweden. Everyone are expecting me to be nice and good, but I'm not. First, My dad always told me to laugh and have fun, and I promised him. I will never break a promise. Oh well, let me introduce this girls. The left one with red straight hairs is Rapunzel, The left one with red curled hairs is Merida, And you can see the triplets! Hanna, Hanni, and Hanne. The evil triplets, 3 years old, Rapunzel is 10 and Merida is 11. Yep. Trapped by 6 girls. '  Jack just escaped from their crowd, and went through the kitchen grabbing an apple and eating it. Jack didn’t walk correctly. His feet was broken from the bear's attack. Then he realized some cookies, the best way to get rid of the triplets. He grabbed it and jumped over the hall room, triplets eating dinner and his sisters fighting with each other for food. Jack sighed and placed the cookies in front of him. Then pointed to triplets to eat it. He let it down. The triplets nodded and went under the table. Jack started leaving the room. " Jackson Overland Frost, there is no way to slid out of he dinner. And NO WEAPONS ON THE TABLE. " Jack sighed. " Gah. "

Another memory**

" JACKSON OVERLAND FROST YOU ARE BUSTED! " Merida yelled at Jack as he was tryig to run away from her. The others were laughing but a roar stopped them. " MORDU! " Hanna screamed. Rapunzel grabbed the three small girls. Jack grabbed their hands at ran away. The approached a dead end. " Oh no! I don’t wanna die! Ah! " Merida started crying. Jack calmed her down and pulled at his Sword. It was for his dad last time. Mordu came closer. Jack was ready to attack. He gave his blade at Rapunzel and his bow at Merida. " defend yourselves. Run away I will keep him busy! Bring help!" Then he turned at the Bear. " Kom närmare!( come closer! ) " And attack him with the sword. ( The scene that Merida fights his dad with sword. Exactly same moves ) The bear roared in anger. The girls ran to the castle. " GO RAPUNZEL! YOUR FASTER! RUN! NOW! " Merida grabbed the triplets and Rapunzel ran fast as the wind and reached the castle. " HELP! MORDU! HE ATTACKED JACK! THE PRINCE ! " The people attended up. Jack was a really food person to all. An awesome personality. The knights grabbed their weapons and people grabbed anything close like a curving knife and ran toward Merida's direction. Jack was still fighting. He didn’t gave up this much fast. " I will get the revenge of my father. YOU KILLED HIM! AND I WON'T BE HAPPY TILL I KILL YOU! " Jack attacked again but this time his foot gave up and he fell to the ground. The people saw the scene. Jack grabbed his sword ad fought as he was sitting on the ground. The bear toss the sword away.

 " OH NO. HE DIED LIKE THIS! " Tooth exclaimed. " He is brave. Exactly like now… "

 The bear placed his head on Jack's head and was going to kill him like his father that the people threw the weapons at him . He ran away and everyone ran through Jack. Jack was struggling to stand. " I am fine.. Thanks… " Then he turned at his sisters. " Now for the celebration of the fight I will take you to ice skate maybe? " The triplets exclaimed. Merida laughed but Rapunzel just threw her head down. " Hey, what's wrong? " " I-I don’t know how to Ice skate.. " " Older brothers are for this moements. Girls. Go to castle. I go take her to learn Ice skating. " Jack mentioned the girls. They nodded and ran through the forest to the castle. Rapunzel and Jack went to a ice pond near that lake.

Time pass**

" It's okay It's okay. Just don't look down… Just look at me… " Fourteen years old Jack tried to calm his sister down. " J-Jack. I- I am scared. " " I know I know, but you're  not gonna fall in. Uh… We're going to have some fun instead! " " No we're not! " " Well  would I lie to you? " " YES YOU ALWAYS PLAY TRICKS! " " W-well n-n-not this time.. Uh… You have to believe in me. " Rapunzel nodded. " Wanna play game? Like you and the girls and I play everyday! We can play Hopscotch! It is easy as one… Two… Three! Ok now it is your turn… One…. " Rapunzel exclaimed and stepped forward. " That’s it That’s it… Two… " Rapunzel gasped. " THREE! " Jack grabbed Rapunzel with his shepherd staff.

" Wow! I thought something bad is gonna happen. " North exclaimed. " Well, if it was yer belly mate, I should say it was lying!  They're both safe! "

 " Girl I thought we're going to lose yo—WOAH! " The ice cracked and Jack fell through the water. The degree grabbed Jack's energy along, making him not available to move. ' At least she is safe… '

The End

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