And I wasn't afraid anymore... ( Jack Frost )

We all know Jack didn't betrayal his friends. But what will happen if the Guardians guess something new about Jack?
( Nightlight + Jack Frost ( Brothers ), Jack Frost X Tooth )

" Ok my dear Guardians, there are a dew memories you should see. And Jack, please take care of workshop till your friends aren’t here. " The Moon said and disappeared. Before Jack could yell at him, or catch the guardians they faded into a big great white light.

Jack turned back only to see elves and yetis are staring at him.

" Great. Who wants to mess with some yetis and elves? " Jack told himself in a bitter tone. Then he continued. " Ok Puffballs, go and do your works. And you pointed heads, come with me. " He muttered the last part. " At least you won't mess around. "

" Where are we? " " Dunno mate. " " How about checking around ? " " >>?<< " " OH SWEET TOOTH! We're in a memory! Oh look over there! "

All the guardians looked at the memory who seemed too real.

Jack was carrying Sophie to her home. He opened the window and went inside her room, trying to not let her fall and placing her on her bed like a big brother. Exactly when he reached hand for his staff he saw Sophie let out a muffled cry and fell out of the bed. " Op… " Sophie fell. "..S…." ( The word Ops devided to Op-S ) " Sophie? Is that you? " Sophie mother's yelled from the voice. Jack and baby Tooth looked worried. So Jack just found one toy and a blanket and covered her on the floor. Sophie didn’t recognize.

 " Wow. He is a great… Brother. " Tooth burst out.

 " We should get back… " Jack told to Tooth Fairy as she nodded. Jack attended up. ' Jack… '

" T-That voice… I know that voice… "

 Bunny sighed and Sandy wanted to tear out. That child really didn’t  remembered anything did he?

 ' Jack… ' Jack flew up going to the source of the voice. Baby Tooth squeezed quickly but Jack was faster than the Light's speed when he used his own power to fly. Jack landed on a ball on the roof, losing direction. ' Jack… ' The voice repeated. Exactly the same moment Baby Tooth flew to Jack, Jack flew after the voice and landed on the forest. Taking the branches out of the way only to realize there is a broken bed in there.

North bumped his head to his hand. Why he didn’t told Jack that Pitch's liar was a broken bed? " Pitch's liar " Bunny exclaimed.

 " D-Don’t worry there's .. there's still time… " Jack told to Baby Tooth his eyes turning to a dark blue, means Afraid and worried.

Now it was Tooth's turn to bump her head in her palms. Why didn’t she tell Jack pitch might use his memories against him?

Jack jumped in the hole under the bed. ' Jack…' Jack entered the place. Then he stopped.( In my story Jack is Swedish ) "oj herre gud! ( Oh my god… ) "

 " SWEDISH? " " No wonder Bunny… Jack Frost is actually a.. Swedish myth. " " NORTH! REALIZE WHAT YOU SAID! " " Ops… Not a Myth… "

 " Shh… SH… Keep it down, I get you out of here as soon as … " He told to the mini fairies as he saw the memories. " I can. "  He started searching for a memory box who is glowing that he heard a voice. " Looking for something? " Jack growled and grabbed his staff sending a big blast of ice to Pitch.

 '' I KILL HIM! " " Bunny…Calm down. "

" Don’t be afraid Jack… I'm not going to hurt you… " Pitch huffed. Jack replayed with anger in his voice, and his eyes were turned to grey, mean ANGRY. " Afraid? I'm not afraid of you. "

-          Maybe not… But you're afraid of something…

-          You think so huh?

-          I KNOW so Jack. There is one thing I always know. People's greatest fear… Yours is that no one who ever will believe in you!

 " Sorry, what? I didn’t quit hear that last part? " Tooth's face was red. If it wasn't a memory she would go forward and punch Pitch until his last Adult Teeth Fall down.

 Jack's expression turned to shock and the he found himself falling apart of a tunnel. " And others are wrong, you're afraid you never know why, why were you chosen, to be like this. Well fear or not, for the answers to that, is right here." Pitch showed Jack his memories. " Do you want them Jack, your memories? " Jack raised his hands to grab it but pulled it back when he remembered this calls betraying.  Pitch laughed and disappeared.

" IF this guy was alive I was going to.. KICK HIS ASS FOR 10000000000 TIMES! " everyone stared and North. " North… Sorry, I was supposed to say tha' mate. " Bunny said.

" Everything you wanted to know… In this little box. " Pitch's shadow told Jack. Jack pointed his staff to him and followed it. " Why were you chosen, to be like this… Unseen, Unable to reach out for anyone! You want the answers so badly, you'll cover your fear with you grins and smiles, not letting the others guess what a kind of BIG HUGE Pain you take, You want to grab the box, fly up with it, but your afraid. Of what the guardians will think, you're afraid of disappointing them!! " Guardians could see Jack's eyes were wide as finally some white parts could be seen in his eyes.

" I- I never thought Jack is in pain… He really grinned and smiled heartfully…" Tooth continued.

" But they will never accept you, not really. " Jack placed his hands on his ears not being able to control himself.

 " Sorry, Where is Pitch's soul. GAH! I wanna KILL HIM! And plus! I- I never saw Jack l-let out his emotions this much… Never saw him angry actually… " North said.

" After all, you aren’t one of them… " Jack replayed with a pure anger in his voice but his voice cracked. " You don’t know what I am! "  " Course I do! You're Jack Frost! You make a mess wherever you go what you're doing it right now.. " Pitch threw the box at Jack. Jack grabbed it, realizing what did Pitch do. " What did you do? " " More to point Jack, what did YOU  Do? " Jack shouted in anger and ran through the shadows, his staff sparkling cause of his anger. Then Jack's expression changed again into fear and horror. " BABY TOOTH! " Jack pushed the egg made wall, wanting to save his one and only friend. ' Happy Easter Jack. ' Pitch's voice in Jack's head. " What did I've done! " Jack murmured to himself and ran toward the tunnel.

The End

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