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The Message--Part One

It was another day. Literally.

Not that it really mattered to me. I just sat there, in a yellow room, sitting across from a woman who I'm supposed to refer to as my therapist. Oh, pish. She studied me with curious eyes, as though she was trying to read me. My gaze shifted around the room, looking at every picture taped to the walls and the moth that continued to fly about. She heaved a sigh and looked up at me. 

"Veronica, you're going to have to talk sooner or later," she said as she adjusted her horn-rimmed glasses. I shrugged in response and slipped into my poker face--or at least, what I believed to be my poker face. I didn't really want to talk. Who does?

She cleared her throat, clearly not amused. She smoothed her hand over the clean paper on her clipboard. "Veronica, you can't keep quiet forever. You need to talk."

I shrugged again. "Whatever..." I muttered.

This wasn't going anywhere. I just wanted the excruciating hour to end. Sadly for me, I had only spent half of my scheduled time in here, wasting away. Not that it mattered. It's not like anyone really cares.
As I left the North Portal Family Center, I couldn't help but ignore the receptionist calling me back into the building--something about leaving behind some of the drawings I made during my session. Whatever. They were just an outlet for me. They're useless now.

Walking home was peaceful to me. As usual, I didn't wear a jacket of any kind. I liked it when the cool breeze brushed against my skin. It made me feel comforted, as though a great pain was lifted. Sadly for me, the pain I felt couldn't be lifted so easily. As I gazed up at the afternoon sky, I couldn't help but wonder... there truly a higher being beyond the sky?

A part of me said that if there was, that beings' rule would be absolute and that we'd all be perfect. So I have my doubts. But another part of me said, "What if that being is just simply watching--observing our every thought and action?" If that was true, does that mean we were put here on this earth merely for that beings' entertainment? I hope this isn't the case. Who would want to be a puppet used only for another's amusement? As human beings, shouldn't we have the right to live our lives the way we want to? least, that's what I believe.

My thoughts were interrupted by my phone, which was screaming for me to look at a text message. I heaved a sigh and took a quick peek to see who it was from. I raised an eyebrow. Huh...that's strange. It's my friend, Daniel. He usually never texts me. If it's an emergency, he'll usually call and leave a message. But whatever. I suppose that there's a first time for everything.

From: Daniel
Sent: 4:34 pm
Subject: [No subject]

Hey Roni. The battery on my phone's dying, and I can't talk rigth now. Anyways, there's some good news. They found Ray. Call me ASAP. And yes, Keith knows.

The moment I finished reading the message for the fifth time, I fumbled the phone in my hand and dashed down the street. My heart was racing against the speed my legs carried me.

From that point on, it was more than just "another day" to me. It had become so much more.

The End

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