Beneath the surfaceMature


Caleb was nice, and he was trying to hold it together as best he could, but I could read him like a book, he was completely falling apart deep down. So I decided to help him out a little bit to show him some hospitality. He brightened when I mentioned helping him meet people and get to know the town. But just after that his thoughts drifted off again as if he couldn't escape his worries, and that's when it became clear to me. The hurt he felt went a hell of a lot deeper then what was just on the surface.

 We had almost all of our classes together and we made it through most of those and even got him to laugh some at some stupid jokes I cracked. When we had lunch I invited him to sit with me and my friends, who accepted him rather well, he smiled as we made jokes about the schools God awful lunches and how many whores were parading their ass around in the lunch room. Kesha and Dylan were on the floor laughing hysterically when he had called one of the girls with shorts all the way up past her knees walked by and he'd called her an 'albino snookie'.

 Then right as we were beginning to have fun, and let him release some of his pent up worries, the schools stuck up rude prick decided to introduce himself. Talon Coart, parents massively rich real estate agents, and him, the spoiled brat and football team captain himself, because of all mommy and daddy's money. He was only slightly shorter then me, very muscular, short blonde hair, green eyes and a smile that got him anything he wanted pretty much.

 "Oh well look, we have a new kid," Talon sneered, getting up in Caleb's face, "Listen up kiddo, I run this school, and everything I say goes, I have a very firm grasp on everything here, don't forget that." Caleb glared back at him and rolling his eyes turned around to talk to Kesha and the rest of us, a mistake on his part.

Talon yanked him down onto the ground eyes brimming with hatred, he leaned down and whispered in his ear.

"I don't know or care where you came from," He snarled softly, "But here, you don't disrespect the master of the house, faggot." That's when Caleb snapped, if being drug down onto the ground and disgraced wasn't bad enough, being called a fag apparently really pissed him off.

 He sent his knee flying into Talon's chest as hard as he could, and as  Talon flinched and rose up in pain Caleb jumped upwards and sent a jaw rattling punch into Talon's face. Talon was sent back from the force of the punch, and when he'd regained his footing sent an equal punch straight into Caleb's nose, which began pouring blood.

 Teachers began swarming towards them, but not before Talon took one last shot, which missed and Caleb Nailed him in between the eyes with a punch that made him crumble to the floor. He looked down at Talon, and muttered, almost too soft to hear.

 "Looks like the king has been dethroned..."


The End

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