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A story about hypocrisy among religion, and society's new taboo: Homosexuality. Viewer discretion is advised, there will be no sex scenes, but V-E-R-Y intense ones, and any homophobic comments will be deleted. :)


The alarm clock boomed in my ear, startling me awake as the sun peeked through the edge of my curtains. I groaned, not wanting to get up and have to lug myself over to school again. I finally managed to haul myself up and get my clothes on before studying myself in the mirror.

 My chestnut colored hair was weaving in front of my  sleepy forest green eyes, I finally brushed it away with a comb, making it look decently presentable. I hurried out of the room, grabbed my bag, and rushed down into the kitchen to grab some cereal before I left for school. Dad was sitting at the table in his suit, drinking coffee and reading the paper before he headed off to the church He preached at.

 He hardly even looked at me as I ate in front of him, only grunting when I said hello to him and the same when I said goodbye, but then what did I expect? For him to maybe pay attention to me outside of when we're in church or when he felt I'd sinned and needed to be punished? No, that's too much too ask for obviously.

 I walked outside, now feeling very bitter which I hadn't intended for. It was just that, as a pastor's child, I was expected to be perfect, and have everything together, by the congregation and most of all my father. My mother kept up the perfect christian pastor's wife mask up until she could get to her friends to gossip. 

  I frowned as I walked outside to feel the autumn breeze gently blow at me, carrying darkly colored red and orange leaves along with the smell of manure and the calling of farm animals. I walked past a small grove of trees multicolored and beautiful in the sunlight until I got to my bus stop, where I climbed on the yellow monster and moved through the crowds of idiots throwing paper balls and other crap.

  I sat in my seat with my friend Toby, sharing a hello and then shoving my earbuds in to get rid of all the damn noise. I watched out the window as the country rolled by and I wondered what it would ever be like to live in a big city, like Chicago or Detroit. This was all I've ever known and as my father has said before, all I'll ever know...

 I shook it off as the bus stopped at the high school, getting up and out as the people swarmed to get to their locker, their friends and what little else this place had to offer. I managed to get to my locker and then to my first class which was English 3. I rushed, books in hand and got into my seat about two minutes before the bell rang so I talked to my friends, Dylan who was seated to my left, and then Kesha seated to my right.

  Dylan was tall and had a muscular build that every guy in the school wanted, Jet black hair, and blue eyes that made every girl pretty much throw themselves to him. Kesha was skinny, hour glassed shape body, long blonde hair,  blue eyes, and every guy in the school was drooling to get in her pants, myself included at some times.

 We were having a conversation about our soccer team and how they sucked when the teacher, Mrs. Anata walked in, notebook in hand and a idiotic grin on her face beneath her curly gray hair. She laid her things down and quieted the class as she moved forward to address us, her chirpy voice flitting through the room.

  "I have wonderful news class," She said her cheesy grin growing wider, "We have a new student who will be joining us today!" This was a surprise and I sat up straighter to see this new student, and as he walked in the room I wondered why he would even want to move somewhere out in the boonies.

  He was about 5'11 and a light apricot skin tone, soft wavy black hair, and bluish grey eyes. He was wearing a white american eagle jacket and a shirt from a band I'd heard about called "Miss May I". He gave a small, very shy smile, showing white teeth, not the kind that would blind you, but it gave him a light air and an attractive smile.

  "This is Caleb, he just moved here from Denver Colorado," Mrs. Anata said smiling and moving her gaze across the class, "I expect you all to be nice to him and make him feel welcome! Caleb I think there's a seat right there behind Jordan you can take."

  He moved through the aisles and took the seat behind me as the teacher began her lesson. I looked behind me and waved, he smiled a little and I returned the smile. The kid seemed nice, but then again I hadn't know him for but all of five minutes.


The End

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