Chapter Five- Days EndMature

“Hey Tala.” Damiane shouted running towards the VCE student, putting far… far too many books in her bag.

“Damiane… how was your first day?” Tala asked, looking at the small darked haired girl.

“It was okay… a bit shitty… ran into Megan… twice.” Damiane muttered looking at her T-bars under her winter quilt.

“What did she want?” Tala asked she was worried… Megan wasn’t really a nice person… in fact Tala has never saw her nice to anyone… and she’s known her since they started this school in year seven, but Megan was still in year ten for not passing the year before.

“She kept asking me what the insult meant.”

“I’m surprised she knew it was an insult I wouldn’t have known it was one if it wasn’t for the ‘rotten thing’ part.” Tala told her, putting her bag on her back and walking towards the school exit.

“She’s that stupid.” Damiane asked running to catch up with Tala.

“Sadly she is.” Tala told her, putting her hand on the gates and looking for Rosabel’s car “She used to be in my year, but know she’s in year ten.”

“So my year level?” She asked pointing to herself.

“Red-head.” Megan’s voice rang in the two’s ears, sadly, they turned to face the blonde her face red in angry… she was pissed, how dare they not tell her want she wanted to know. “Spanish girl.”

“I’m here to ‘ask’ you what that insult meant before I took this to the house leaders.” Meagan growled.

“But where’s your proof?” Damiane asked her, making the blonde stop and think.


“Thou wilt be as valiant as the wrathful dove or most magnanimous mouse.” Damiane said

“What… was that an insult.” Megan growled.

“In civility thou seem’st so empty.”

“Stop that or I’m telling.”

“It was done after school, so they can’t do anything about it.” Damiane calmly told the raging blonde.

“Well… it was done on school property.” Megan told them with a smug smirk

“Actually… we just left school property, aren’t you just tired of being wrong.” Tala told her, her hand waving back and forth like it was an obvious fact.

“Whatever.” Megan growled and then stomped off like a three year old.

“Nice little sis.” Tala told her, her arm going over her shoulders as she spotted her mum parking in front of the school.

“Thanks.” Damiane whispered her checks going red.

“Hey Tala, Damiane.” Rosabel asked as they entered the car

“It was okay.” Damiane replied looking at her hands in her lap

Okay, something had happened Tala thought looking at the younger girl.

“School’s school.” Tala shrugged.

“Okay.” Rosabel said, driving back to their home.

“Damiane.” Tala said, leaning against the girls door frame.

“Yes?” She asked from her spot on the bed.

“Did something happen?” Tala asked getting straight to the issue as usual.

“Why do you ask?”

“You were nervous in the car.” She pointed out, something happened… other than Megan, who was insulted two more times when she was trying to figure out what the first one meant.

“Fine… some of the people in my class were teasing me because I was reading one of my books.” Damiane said

“And?” Tala pressed, knowing there was more to it than that.

“It was in Spanish.”

“But you’re from Spain… what did they expect you reading English novels… I mean you don’t even have English novels… we might need to go to a bookstore about that.” Tala growled some people just like teasing people… about anything really.   

“They really didn’t think of that.” Damiane said

Fausta meet me outside a males thought entered her mind

Pitch just wait for Tala to leave Fausta/Damiane replied


The End

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