Chapter Four- A new schoolMature

Going to school… Damiane thought as she got dressed for the day This time in year ten, oh joy. It’s not like I’ve done Uni more time than I can count.

I’m going to be so bored Fausta over the years as had to go to almost every high school, in almost every country. Victorian time period being the worse it was confused people teaching people to be more confused, don’t I have to get their early, may as well walk.

“Good bye Rosabel.” Damiane shouted from the front door

“Are you going dear?” Rosabel asked the ‘young’ girl.

“Yes, I’ve got to show up earlier.”

“Are you sure that you don’t want a life?”


“Mum leave the poor thing alone, if it makes you feel better I’ll walk with her.” Tala said, as she leaned against wall.

“Okay, make sure nothing happens to Damiane.” Rosabel told her daughter.

Nothing happen to Damiane, hell I don’t even know if that’s her real name. Tala thought as she grabbed her bag.

“You remember where the school is?” Tala asked Damiane, the girl nodded her head.

“Yes, sadly I was born with a very good memory.” Damiane told her.

“Really?” Tala asked her; teasing Damiane was fun since most the time she took her seriously.

“Yes… why would I lie about that?”

When the two entered the front office, Damiane walked up to the office lady like she had done this hundreds of times, which she had, not that Tala needed to know that. It wasn’t new to Fausta.

“Hello.” Damiane said to the office lady’s.

“Hello dear.”

“I’m new here, my name is Damiane Wilson.” She told her

“Let me get you a map and your schedule.”

“Thank you ma’am.”


The two walked down the halls, Damiane having to carry her bag around chose not to bring her textbooks, she didn’t know what she had today.

“So what do you have?” Tala asked

“I’ve got Maths, history, home group and then I have sport.” Damiane told Tala, and all Tala could think of was that Damiane wasn’t groaning over the fact she had maths first, MATHS.

“You like Maths?” Tala asked

“No, I just see the reason behind doing it.”

“Your strange.” Tala stated.


After that Tala and Damiane went separate ways, since their classes weren’t in the same building, Damiane was happy about the fact that Tala didn’t have to walk with her; what she kept asking weird questions.

When I was walking down the hall, someone tried to walk through me… through… really hate breaking it to people, but I’m physical matter as well.

“Hello Spanish girl!” Megan’s voice rang out

“Hello… Megan, right?” I asked, Fausta know who she was, but she needed to dumb herself down a bit, her randomly speaking Spanish won’t freak people out… Latin will.

“Yes and you insulted me the other day.” Megan shouted, drawing stares and whispers from passing students.

“Mira que perra.” She told her “Did you even understand the insult?”


“Then it can’t be an insult now can it, perro.” Damiane said “Also; Yo te deseo buen dia, si yo no quiero verta muerto.”

With that Damiane walked to her math class and to be greeted as the new kid…again, and again.        

The End

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