Chapter Three- Damiane and Shakespearean Insults.Mature

It was dark; a person was standing in the middle of the mayhem; laughing at the pain that we were facing, he was controlling the dark creatures that were ripping into the flesh of my people, he had a dark sword, raising it above his head and aiming it at me, as I tried to get away from him… Please someone, anyone I don’t want to die.

Damiane jumped awake looking around her; she was starting to hate it when Pitch was handing out the dreams to the people of this planet. The thing is she should be used to it, but she isn’t and she’ll never get used to it, but she was glad that she didn’t scream. Looking at the clock on her wall, it was only five in the morning. Which meant Rosabel and Tala wouldn’t be awake, it was a good thing since Damiane could so something without worrying about them walking in.

Since it was always easier for Fausta to do anything, but go to sleep after having this dreams, Fausta or Damiane grabbed her copy of Jane Eyre, she loved this book from the moment Charlotte Bronte published it. This was a newer version; in Spanish of course. In fact a lot of books she had with her were in Spanish.

Damiane didn’t know how long she was reading her book, when a voice called out ‘Damiane?” Looking away from her well-loved book, she saw that Tala was standing at her door; waiting for her to answer.

“Yes Tala.” Damiane replied, not knowing how long the young girl was standing there, but then again everyone was young to Fausta.

“I was wondering since it’s your first day in Australia that I’d show you some of the places around Geelong.”

“Yes, I’d love to go.”

“Well, then get ready.”

It hadn’t taken both Tala and Damiane ten minutes to get ready, but of course Tala was at the front door before Damiane was and shouted “Damiane, are you ready to go.”

“I’m ready.” Damiane shouted taking in the appearance of the girl in front of her; it seems she went for Black jeans and a dark grey hoody, with plain black sneakers. Tala wasn’t one to dress up nice for silly things, but this was as nice as she got.

Tala was looking at her little sister thinking ‘Cute’ Damiane was wearing a long sleeved blue dress that want past her knees, black leggings and matching blue ballet flats, with a jean jacket she wore unbuttoned. Her hair she left down only having a baby pink headband holding back the wavy mess.

“Come on.” Damiane said, pulling Tala out of the door, walking to the Botanic Gardens. Tala was going to take her here since it was also near the school and Tala thought it was best if she knew where the school was and what it looked like, before throwing the poor thing into the deep end.

‘Well.’ Tala thought ‘My little sister’s cute’

I can’t believe I have to act like a giddy teenage girl Fausta thought as she was walking next to Tala, to a garden on some sort, the writing says ‘Botanic Gardens’.

“So pretty.” Damiane said, as they went through the gardens looking at the different plants that wouldn’t be found in the same place, naturally anyway.

“Of course it is… to you, and I see you’re a plant person.” Tala said, since she had been coming here from the age of four, it wasn’t that new to her.

“Why if isn’t the red head.” A female voiced sneered.

“Why if isn’t the blonde bimbo.” Tala sneered back, turning around to face the female in short shorts and a short top.

“Well, at least I can get a boyfriend, unlike yourself.”  The blonde teased think that she was better because of her track record with boys.

Having heard enough from the person, Damiane turned around to see a blonde girl who was only a head taller than her, she didn’t know how long the two were fighting form, but at the moment they were just shouting random insults that didn’t mean anything.

“Who are you?” Damiane asked, brown eyes looking at her with shock; when Damiane took a better look at her, she thought that the girl wasn’t that pretty… far too much make-up, it was caked on.

“I’m Megan.” Meagan told the short blacked haired girl “How didn’t you know.”

“I’m new.” Damiane said, but in truth she was screaming in her head, she had always hated people like this, in very century, it didn’t matter with they were female or male, they were just vain; think everyone knew them because they’re that good.

“To this country or to this town?”

“Yes, I’m from Spain.”

“Well, that’s good, but stay out of this shorty.” Megan told her, and that just pissed Fausta off, no one from her home planet called her short, not unless they had a death wish.

“Hench rotten thing! Or I shall shake thy bones out of thy garment.” Damiane shouted, once the words were out of her mouth she froze, shocked that she said them, well not as shocked as Megan, she didn’t even know what the words meant!

While Megan was caught, Damiane pulled a shocked Tala out of the section they were in and to the exit, which was near the school.

“What was that?” Tala asked, she couldn’t believe her ears when Damiane insulted Megan and the only reason Tala knew it was an insult was because of the ‘Rotten thing’ part of the wording.

“My mum loved Shakespeare, so she learned some of the insults of the time.” Damiane said, but the thing was it was false; she had been called some of this things, also used it herself when it was needed; she also watched some of Shakespeare’s ordinal plays, meet the man as well.

Tala just shook her head, pointing to the building in front of them; it was the back of the school. “This is the school, or at least the back of it.”

“How old is the school.” Damiane asked, staring at the statue of Queen Victoria.

“It’s a 100, or will be when October comes, it’s when we the celebration for it.” Tala told her, remembering what was going to happen, it didn’t matter now, first term was about to start, she didn’t need to worry about third term… yet.

“It’s old for a school.” Damiane said, not really shocked by the age of the buildings, she seen some of the older schools, but of course most of them were closed.

“Why don’t we go home, before Megan comes back demanding to know what the insult you told her meant.” Tala suggested.

“That’s a good idea.” Damiane said “Some of my things may have arrived.”


“Overnight posting.”

One the way home Tala thought about the three things she knew about Damiane.

1-      She reacted to her name slowly; it was if that wasn’t really her name, just one she was getting used to.

2-      She knew Shakespearean insults, but that wasn’t the thing she said them correctly.

3-      She didn’t seem surprised at the age of the school; in fact she acted like it was quite normal for schools to that age.                 

Got to love Shakesparean insults, have no idea what the one I uses means but I know it's an insult, we'll the site I got it from was names 'Shakespearean insults' so that always gives it away. 

The End

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