Chapter Two: Australia and Tala RodriguezMature

Tala couldn’t believe that her mum was doing this to her, making her go to the airport just to pick up a person that she had agreed to let live with them.

“Tala.” She screamed, as Tala was brushing her short red hair “It’s time to go.”

“Yes, mum.” She yelled back, putting on her favourite black sneakers, just because they were going to greet someone doesn’t mean that she had to wear nice clothes, whoever is coming can put up with my loose jeans and top, besides her mum dressed nice very day, so why should she?

While the two were driving to Melbourne, Tala remembered something; she had not one clue about the person they were picking up, not the person’s name or gender.


“Yes; Tala sweetie.” She said

“Who are we picking up?” Tala asked; a light blush on her checks.

“We’re picking up a young lady named Damiane Gwenare Wilson.”

“Where’s she from?”


By the time Fausta or Damiane as she now would be called landed in Australia it was early in the morning, why did the flight have to be so long. As soon as she got her luggage, she went looking for the people she would be living with for the next two years.

Luckily for her David had been kind enough to show her photos of Rosabel and Tala. She would be with them for the next three years, then she could disappear off of the map, before going every she felt like moving next.

When Rosabel and Tala made it to the airport, Tala had to groan when her mother held up a sign with the girl’s name on it.

When Damiane show the sign with her new name, she looked at the women underneath it, she was pretty long Red hair, that looked dyed, but wasn’t. She had the palest green eyes she had ever seen, well at least in this day and age, her eyes were surrounded by pale skin: she was also tall, very tall, but still she had the looks to stop every man in their tracks.

Next to her was her daughter: Tala, she was almost a mini-replica of her brother, besides from the facts she was as skinny as a twig, her red hair was a shade darker, green eyes also a shade darker and she was slightly paler.

“Hello, you must be Rosabel?” I asked, putting my hand out.

“It’s very nice to meet you; Damiane, it’ll be nice to get to know you.”

“Hello, you must be Tala.”

Tala was thinking about her drawings when someone said her name, turning around she saw a dark haired female. So, this is the threat, well she didn’t look like one, since she came to my shoulder, looked as skinny as I was. Her pale skin made it look like she never went outside and her blue-grey looked like they were trying to see into my soul.

“Yes.” Tala said to her, notching the hand she held out to her mother, but she shacked it anyway, knowing her mother wouldn’t do it, not to be rude, but for the fact that she didn’t see it.

“It’s very nice to meet.” Damiane told the girl, glad that one of the two had some level of manners.

“Whatever.” Well, Damiane had to take back her last thought; it seemed the daughter was as rude as the mother.

“Come you two it’s time to go.” Rosabel said, as she walked in the direction of the car.

“Coming.” Tala yelled in a bored tone, wanting to have this done already.

When the three entered the car, Damiane putting her two suitcases in the back, it was silent for most of the drive back to Geelong, so quite in fact that Damiane was able to fall asleep in the back of the car.   

The house that Tala and Rosabel lived in was a small 1920’s house, it was a nice small house, not too big and not to small, just right for two or three people. It wasn’t too far from the school and Damiane guessed she should have been glad about that fact.

Tala watched as Damiane grabbed her two suitcases from the back of the car, wondering why a small girl would be able to carry/pull both at the same time. Tala also wondered if she was younger than her, she was turning sixteen soon and was almost done year ten. Damiane’s room would be at the back of the house, sadly, it was also the coldest part of the house, but she had a bed, heater, chest of doors and a wardrobe.

“Tale, you should talk to her.” Tala’s mum told her.


“Damiane lost her parents.”

“How old is she.”

“She’s fifteen.”

“I’ll talk to her.” Tala said, she was the older one and she had to look after the younger one, or at least that’s what she thought.

Damiane was putting the last of her clothes away when there was a knock at the door, wondering who it could be she called “Come in”

“Hello.” Tala said, as she walked into the room. She looked as though she was putting clothes away, it might have been a bad idea to come in after all.

“Hello, Tala is there something that you need?”

“No, I was just here to say sorry about my behaviour at the airport.”

“That’s okay.” She said, giving me a smile, will little sister, I see myself beating of guys with a stuck.

“You don’t own much?” Tala said, without knowing, when she saw the little Damiane owned.

“No, mother and I didn’t own much, but I’m okay with she loved me and that’s all that mattered right?”

“How old are you?” Tala asked, she knew already, but she didn’t know what else to say, what does one say to someone who had just lost her parents?

“Fifteen, you?”

“Sixteen, see you Damiane.” Tala said, as she saw how tired the girl looked, it was a good thing that it was the school holidays, so she’ll have some time to sleep it off.


“You look tired, and so need to sleep.”

“Thanks.” She said, as she rubbed the back of her head.

While she was walking back to her room, she thought about her new little sister and how something appeared off about her, she talked a lot older than she was for the first part and was more polite than most her age.

‘Damiane’ Tala thought ‘whatever it is your hiding, it won’t be that way much longer’      

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The End

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