Chapter One- Chirsanna Sprit BlackMature

There were burning buildings, people were screaming bloody murder, blood was on the forest floors, mad laughter was heard, as he tore through my kind: my family, my friends slowly dying. No not again, please not again I’ve lived through it once, stop making me see it over and over again, someone please help, please whoever is out there, help-

Screaming a dark haired female woke up, it wasn’t her home planet that she was on, but it was a small town in Spain, she took deep breath to calm herself, that dream means one thing and one thing only.

It was Pitch’s turn to spread dreams or in his case nightmares, note to self she thought avoid Pitch Black for the next few months. It’s just plain annoying when he apologies for something out of his control, half the time, she’s sure that he doesn’t even know where she is.

Anyway, she had to get up; it was time that she left Spain, no matter how much is loved the place, she just couldn’t past for someone near their fifties and there’s only so much ‘Facial cream’ on do for a person, why must she look like she’s in her twenties, she’ll never know, but then again, might because of that, oh well.

You have to give her a break she was panicking when the lady asked how she looked so young, when she was so old, since was a month ago when she was asked.

Slowly getting out of bed, she went through the normal morning retune, you know; get lazy ass out of bed, take a shower to wake up and be able to be an active citizen in the world, get dressed and gave breakfast.

When she did leave the house; she of course had to pass the mirror that she was too lazy to move in the hallway; she saw the form she used to foul everyone around her.

She saw a female with dark brown/almost black hair, dark brown eyes, tanned skin; she was on the thin side wearing a button down blue shirt, knee length skirt and black flats. She was also short with her height; in fact most people had trouble believing she was a day over twenty.

“Hello, Chirsanna.” A kind female’s voice said.

Turing around she saw a browned haired girl, who she knew too well…


“Hello, Isabella.” Chirsanna replied; she didn’t have time to have a full conversation, since she had a meeting in the closest major city.

“Is something wrong; Chirsanna did something happen.” Isabella asked, wondering why she looked so upset and about a few seconds from crying.

Well, that would be the perfect time; yes perfect to tell Isabella why she wasn’t going to be in the country anymore.

“Yes, my grandmother just passes away.” Chirsanna told her; did you really think that Fausta was going to tell her the truth, that would be crazy and a sure way to start something like the witch hunts again and trust her when she says, nobody wants that to happen, again.

“I’m so sorry for asking.” Her light brown eyes wide, as pale hands went over her mouth and heart.

While it was true that her grandmother was dead, but it didn’t happen a few weeks ago, no it happened millions of years ago.

“It’s okay, Isabella, you didn’t know, but I’ve got to go to her house and organize her funeral she deserves that much.”

“That’s alright, Chirsanna, but will you need help packing?” Isabella asked; it was just in her nature to help anyone she could, even in her thirties; she’d help anyone who truly needs it.

“No, but thank for the officer, I’ve already pack and I just need to do something.”

“That’s okay.”

“Isabella, won’t you going to do something?” Chirsanna asked, knowing Isabella, like she does, same times she’ll act like an air head and forget what she was doing.

“Yes, I need to go to the market; good bye Chirsanna and good luck.”

“Good-bye.” Chirsanna said, watching Isabella walk in the direction of the markets, she’s such a silly person, anyway, she had things to do that wasn’t as creepy as watching her friend walking down the street.

During the drive to the city, Fausta thought about the past, it used to be so easy to go from place to place, half the time no one knew she was there, she was kind of what kids say today; a wallflower. Never standing out of the crowd, it was safer for her if she didn’t. You didn’t need a birth certificate; in fact she was sure that they weren’t really needed until after World War Two, it just made things harder for her.

When she did get to Stardust Lawsuit, which started in 1946 by an Alex Stardust; physics you just had to love them. So you could guess that she either visited Spain or she called them a lot, luckily for her the business had stayed in the family.

“Hello.” She called, as she entered the cream building, why do a lot of places have to steal the theme of hospitals, making them places that a person didn’t want to go to.

“Hello.” The person at the desk, when she looked up and saw who it was, the blonde made sure no one was around before greeting her.

“Fausta, I’m guessing that it’s time for you to leave Spain for a hundred years.”

“Of course it is, Royanna, do I look like I’m almost in my fifties?”

Royanna was one of the three dream sprits, each one of them gave out different dreams, hers always had a meaning towards them and made the person think about it.

“Don’t worry, David should be out soon.” She told her.

Roy; as she like being called, always saying that her name is far too long for her liking. She was tall with blonde hair that reached the middle of her back. Her sky blue eyes and pale skin, made everyone stop and stare at her. Some people said that she looked like a Victorian styled doll, only wearing modern fashion and clothing.

“It’s a good thing that we talked about you’re new look over the phone, it’s also good that I have David photos of it when I made you change into it.”  Roy stated looking at her magazine that she pulled from her top draw.

“I know; but you still pulled a dirty trick. Why puppy dog eyes still work against me I’ll never know, nor do I want to know.”

The office door opened and David stood at the doorframe, he had taken over the business from his dad five years ago, he was still young.

He had light red hair, which framed his tanned face, which set off his green eyes. Anyone would be more than happy to go out with him, but Roy and Fausta were far too old for him; that he was mortal and they were immortal. He was tall, just a head taller than Roy and Fausta only came up to his chest, he loved rubbing that in her face, but it wasn’t her fault she was short, when changing forms she liked keeping her height, so her centre of gravity didn’t change and having to walk like a baby deer.

“Hello, Fausta, time to go already?” He asked, fully knowing the answer “Come into my office.”

“Yes, sir.” She said, while walking into his light brown office. “Nice.”

“Thank you, I refuse to sit in a room, which looks like it belongs to a hospital. Anyway, did you need to go into the bathroom to change looks?” He asked her, worried that the clothes weren’t going to go with her, not that he’d mind, but still for her peace of mind.

“I don’t lose my clothes when I change; you’re a perv just like your dad.” She said, like it was a fact; changing into her new look. Her skin, hair and eyes changing in a golden light, when she was done; it was just in time as the door swing open and a trainee stood there with a file.

David and Fausta looked at him, with their eyebrows raised.

“I’m sorry Mr Stardust; I didn’t know that you were with someone.” He said “I’m sorry…”

“Damiane: Damiane Wilson.”

“Miss Wilson, I hate asking, but why are you here?” He asked the pretty girl, who didn’t look a day over fifteen in front of him.

“We don’t ask that.” David told him.

“I don’t mind; Mr Stardust was helping my move to Australia, he’s been great with it, you choose a good place for your training.”

“Thank you, miss, I’ll be leaving.”

When he left, David handed her the papers that she would need “I need to find Roy.” He said and with that left the room.

Fausta or the newly named Damiane, pulled out her phone and texted Isabella, she forgot to tell the girl that she was leaving today.

To: Isabella

I’m sorry; I forgot to tell you that I was leaving tonight.     

 From: Chirsanna

She felt bad about lying, but it was needed to make sure no caught on to the fact she wasn’t human.

To: Chirsanna

That’s okay, and good luck.

From: Isabella.

When David did come back, they started talking about what she was going to do when she got to Australia and it seemed that a Rosabel agreed to let her live on her home.

Something was going to be different about this trip, as one of her friends always said; she could feel it in her belly. Hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Well, this is my new story that had been bugging me for weeks, how can a story bug someone, well it can and this is prove of that.

Anyway please tell me what you think about the story and what you think I used change the title to, cause I don't think this one goes with the story line.

The End

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