Million of years old, Fausta holds the pain of being the her last kind; hiding the fact that you'll never age over twenty, is hard, but when one of the people that you live with thinks something's off, it'll get a whole harder.
Can Fausta keep her secret or will Tala found out and put everything at risk.

I’m millions of years old; I’m so old in fact that they are times that I forget I old I am, sometimes find it hard to find the right word.

I’m older than your universe; at least you’re part of it.

You could waste your time trying to find the one I came from, but I don’t recommended trying, since it was destroyed the year I went from Mortal to Immortal.

Don’t ask me what happened; I won’t tell; they’re bad memories.

But that isn’t what I’m here for, I’m here to tell you; how myths and legends were able to live among your kind; well they have before this, but I meant without hiding what they are.

Didn’t you know that almost all myths and legends are real?

Let me tell you the story, but I’ll start at the beginning; that how must stories start right? At the beginning.

It won’t be from my start of course.

But the start of the end, for everything that you humans believe in and what you trust.

It’s also about how I become accept by a member of your kind.

How we become closer than sisters.

Want to know my name.

I’ll tell you my real name, since I’ve got more names than you’ve got years to live, before death comes and gets you, he’s a nice person.

My real name is: Fausta Juniper.



The End

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