Chapter Four (Final)Mature

----- What I mean by final, is that it's the final part of the chapter. Not the novel. I've had that confusion in the past-----

“A while ago, Jasmine said you guys knew something about Isela that I didn’t. Can I know now?” Jayden answered. I hesitated, “After breakfast, we’ll hang out on deck and talk about it, okay?” I replied. “Alright.” He sighed. We sat silently eating our food for maybe twelve minutes; I took everyone’s dished and washed them in the kitchen. 
“Y’know, I’m too impatient.” Jayden said while I was drying my hands. “One second.” I said before turning around and leaning against the sink, my hands holding me up. “Okay Jayden… you deserve to know- but it really kills me to tell you.” I whispered. “Sammi just tell me.” Jayden whined. I shut my eyes tightly. 
“She almost cheated on you.” 
“In one day.” 
“H-ow?” he said under his breath, hurt. “She and Erick almost kissed…” I softly said. 
Tears immediately formed in Jayden’s eyes. “I’m sorry…” I murmured, “You deserved to know sooner.” I pulled him into a hug and he rested his head on my shoulder. We stood in the stainless steel kitchen, hugging, for at least ten minutes. I’m so sorry, Hun. I really am. Jasmine walked into the kitchen and looked at me with that face ‘Let me talk to him.’ I nodded once and pushed Jayden about a foot away from me. “You’ll be okay.” I whispered before kissing his forehead and exiting stage left. 
As I shut the kitchen door, Mayra approached me. “Sammi, Elliot’s been looking for you. He’s pretty cool.” She smiled. “Thank god someone finally hasn’t asked me about him and just welcomed him. How you doin’?” I asked. “I’m fine; being on a boat is weird though. I’ve never been on one, or even a plane.” She answered. “Well, just don’t think about it, you’ll be fine.” I grinned, skipping over to find Elliot. 

The End

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