Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

When I woke up this morning, I was sprawled across the two chairs in the bridge. Jasmine was on the floor beside me; her knees at a ninety-degree angle and her back leaning up against the wall. “Good morning, sleepy head.” She yawned. “What time did Elliot wake you?” I stretched. “Two-ish, it’s five right now.” She replied, “What’s the deal with him anyway?” “I’m not going to keep repeating myself if everybody keeps asking.” I sighed, sitting up. “Well, he came in like ten minutes ago saying he’ll make breakfast when you were up.” She replied. 
“Morning, ladies!” Elliot yipped as he entered the bridge. I yawned and turned to him, glancing at his eyes. I just realized he didn’t have bags anymore; he must’ve been real tired until recently. I stood up and helped Jasmine up. “I’m turning the engine off and putting the anchor down, that way we don’t move while all of us are eating.” Elliot stated. “Sounds good.” Jasmine yawned. 
We all sat in the dining room with omelets with cheese and bacon and water on the side. “Thank you Hun.” I said to Elliot. “Hun?” Jayden smirked as he nudged my rib. “I call everyone Hun, sweet cheeks.” I answered. The table was round; I sat between Jayden and Elliot. I took a bite out of the egg and chewed it silently. Jayden poked me with the non-tong side of his fork. “Yes?” I asked while swallowing my food. 

The End

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