Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

We finished our food and Elliot went to the second floor to clean up and wash the dishes, Jasmine, skeptical as she was, went down to watch him. It was eight-ish and I'd taken my shift to watch out and keep the wheel intact. All I could remember is waking up in a separate bedroom with a large jacket wrapped around me, and a small pillow under my head. "What..?" I asked with a tired voice. I stood up and rested the jacket over my shoulders, holding it closed with my left hand. 
As I was stumbling around the deck, I realized how dark it was outside. "Ugh... I'm so tired." I yawned. I finally reached the bridge and knocked on the door. Elliot opened it and caught me; apparently I fell asleep for a second. "What're you doing up, small one?" He asked, brushing my bangs away from my forehead. "I just-" my yawn interrupted me, "woke up." "You sound so cute when you're tired. But you really need some sleep Sammi." Elliot sighed, disappointed. His expression was so sincere; his big blue eyes stared at me with the sadness of a man when his lover left him. 
"I wanna-" my yawn stopped me again; "sleep in here." Elliot raised his eyebrow and smiled slightly, "You're too adorable." He led me to a chair next to the captain's chair and sat me down on it. Once he sat down in the captain's seat, I subconsciously leaned into his shoulder and closed my eyes. This was bliss. Sweet bliss. Elliot began humming an elegant little tune and it made me more tired. He wrapped his arm around my lowest rib and I couldn't keep awake anymore. 

The End

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