Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

I kept glancing back at the boat, just in case. Once everyone was done, we all went back to the boat. I sent a ‘thumbs up’ to Elliot and took the rope off the pier. Once that happened, I pushed the boat away from the pier and Elliot started her up. “She has a compass, correct?” I asked. “Yup, indeed. We’re heading just completely North-East-East to get to Madrid.” Mayra replied. “Okay.” I smiled, lying on my back. 
“Sammi get in here, please.” Elliot called out. “Coming.” I yelled, getting up and jogging to the bridge. “I wanted to say that we just need to keep her in cruise and the wheel straight, that’s about it.” Elliot said. “Alrighty. Sounds good.” I chuckled. I sat on his left thigh and played with his hair. “We’re gonna have to move that body, y’know.” I laughed. “Yeah, I’ll get it as soon as you aren’t on my lap.” He smirked. “Alright…” I said about to stand up. He slipped his hands between my arms and waist to rest them on my thighs. “It can wait.” Elliot whispered. “You’re a cheeky jerk.” I laughed, standing up. 
“Fine, I’ll get it.” Elliot sighed with a cute face. “Are you done being adorable?” I said with my lips pursed. “Nope. I don’t think that’s an option honestly.” Elliot answered. I didn’t say anything for a second. “Just go throw the body off the boat.” I said with sass. “Calm yourself sassy pants.” Elliot said fabulously as he walked out the bridge. I sat in the captain’s seat and stared out the window. Gosh, I’ve never been on the ocean before. I mean, I’ve been on a boat- but that was on a lake. 

The End

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