Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

“Are you okay?” Elliot asked. My ‘yes’ became muffled in his shirt. The attack got to me, and tears soaked his shirt. My weeps were stifled within his chest. “We should’ve stayed together…” Elliot whispered. He took a step back and dried my watery eyes with his thumbs, then knelt on one knee in front of me. He ruffled my hair and I finally felt reassured. After, he stood up and gave me my gun. “Thank you.” I smiled. 
Everyone re-grouped at the top deck and stared at Elliot standing close behind me. “So, um… anybody know how to sail a boat?” Jayden asked. Elliot scratched the back of his head a bit awkwardly, “As part of basic training I was sorta taught how to operate one.” “Teach us, that way we could do shifts.” I said softly to my side. “It’s simple actually.” He replied. “Then show us.” I laughed. 
“Well, if you guys are ready to leave Portland, then I’ll show you.” Elliot said. “The cargo’s aboard, I’d like to say bye to Sally really quick.” Goldstein chuckled. “Same.” Jasmine and Jayden chimed. “Um, you could set up the boat and get used to it, that way we can say bye to the truck, it won’t be longer than ten minutes I promise.” I whispered to him. Elliot nodded and all of us but him hopped off the boat, onto the pier. 

The End

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