Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

Elliot and I split our ways once we hit the second floor. “Watch yourself, Sammi.” He said while I walked down the main hallway. I checked both rooms on the sides before heading to the master. Once I opened the door, a zombie lunged at me. 
I screamed, 
pulled my gun. 
We were on the ground. 
Pounding footstep ran towards me. 
I pulled the trigger, but no bullet emerged. I dropped the gun and held the snapping jaws back. “Get away, get away, get away-!” I squealed. Suddenly, she stopped snapping; she fell off my arms. Elliot stood over me. He picked me up and held me tightly by the small of my back. I don’t want to be separated from you Elliot, please don’t leave. I wrapped my arms around his waist and squeezed him gently. 
“Are you okay?” Elliot asked. My ‘yes’ became muffled in his shirt. The attack got to me, and tears soaked his shirt. My weeps were stifled within his chest. “We should’ve stayed together…” Elliot whispered. He took a step back and dried my watery eyes with his thumbs, then knelt on one knee in front of me. He ruffled my hair and I finally felt reassured. After, he stood up and gave me my gun. “Thank you.” I smiled. 

The End

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