Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

“Okay… um… well. I’d like to set off before dark.” I stated, “You guys checked all the rooms, right?” “Yes ma’am. The mast will probably be the main bedroom.” Jayden said. “You guys are amazing. Let’s get a move on then.” I smiled. Everyone but Elliot and I started out the Motor Club. “Elliot they’re gonna take their time warming up to you, I hope you know that.” I whispered. 
He chuckled and lightly pressed my lower back, “It’s fine with me, as long as I’m no longer alone in this mess, that’s all that matters to me.” I playfully punched him in the stomach and headed out the door. I only saw my friends staggering around with torn clothes, moaning and grunting with each step. A large shadow stood before me and nudged me. “Are you okay?” Elliot asked. “Oh, yeah… I’m fine.” I replied, going back to reality. He hugged me tightly to reassure my safety and we continued to the boat. 
“Our plan was to split up and do a quick run around the boat to check everything.” Mayra said. “We’re soloing it, everything will go quicker and the boat isn’t all that big.” Jayden added, “Three floors.” “So two per floor. Jayden and Mayra top, Jasmine and Goldstein bottom, and Elliot and I center.” I declared. “Sounds good to me.” Elliot smirked. “Knock it off, tall one.” I snapped. “Alrighty, let’s go!” Jasmine cheered. 

The End

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